Emerald Isle │ Day 1: Wednesday

I guess Day 1 would be considered the “travel day”.  Ugh.  Our flight left DTW at 1:55pm.  Well… it was supposed to.  We left the house around 11, got to the airport around 12:45 after picking Lori up (so she could drop us off).  Our layover flight was supposed to leave Charlotte at 4:20 but since our first leg of the trip was delayed we were bumped to the 6pm flight from Charlotte to New Bern.  I swear, we are never on the correct flight time in Charlotte. ALWAYS late/delayed/bumped etc… UGH.

Anyhow… the boys were great on the flights but it was just a loooong day traveling with a 2 and 4 year old…. hopping from airplane to airport to terminal to airplane etc etc.  We finally arrived in New Bern around 7pm and went to get our “mid-sized” rental car…. a Chevy Cobalt.  I’d barely say it was a mid-sized car!  Ridiculous!  Its the size of a Cavalier…. itty bitty.  Whatever.  I wasn’t going to pay $10 more a day to be “upgraded” to a Camry.  What a rip-off.

The 4 of us managed to cram into the pint sized ride.  We got to my mom’s around 9pm or so.  We were all whooped and were in bed by 10pm.  Our first day wasted with travel.  Boo.  Had we been on our original flight we’d have arrived in New Bern around 5:30 and been to my mom’s by 7 or so.

Ryan and I decided next time we visit we’re going to attempt to drive.  Its a 14 hour drive but at least we’d be able to put movies on for the boys and stop whenever we needed to let them run around.   Not sure which would be the best choice for travel with 2 kids.


  1. eek! We are heading to FL (Disney) in June and are definitely looking for direct flights…along with deals on tickets/ideas for Disney. I would hate to have delayed flights with the kiddos. Glad the boys traveled so well!

  2. We've made a few 10-12 hour drives with the kids. It wasn't too bad. We had movies and made stops every 2-3 hours to let the kids run a bit or eat or whatever. We survived. It can be done!!

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