Emerald Isle │ Day 2: Thursday

The boys were up bright and early around 6:30am.  Luckily my mom was excited to have them here and swept them away to the beach for an early morning seagull feeding.  We slept in until 9am and then woke to get ready to go to the beach for a bit.  We walked down to where our rental house is… we don’t get the house until Saturday.

The house is about 3/4 of a mile down the beach.  Hudson and Porter ran… literally… the entire way.  Hudson was so funny- he was running just as fast as his little legs would take him and he had his head down watching the sand and shells the entire way.

We picked up a lot of pretty shells and also found 2 dead crabs.  Hudson was excited about his find and carried it back almost the entire way- until I asked him to show me the crabs claws.  He immediately dropped the crab and refused to touch it after that.

My spray-tan turned out to be a doozy.  It looked good the first day and once I showered it wasn’t that dark at all.  I could have went back Wednesday morning for a touch up or a second coat to darken it but I didn’t have time. I may try a spray tan again but I think next time I’ll opt for some skin cancer regular tan.  Its not like I’m not laying out in the sun here at the beach!

Playing with the shells at Grandma’s
Found you, Mater!
Riding back from the beach to Grandmas on her golf cart
Mr. Grump-o-Potomus

Today was also my mom’s 47th birthday.  We had a birthday cake and sang to her at dinner.  Hudson was so cute and kept saying “Happy Grandma!  Happy Grandma!”   He’s getting so good at stringing his words together into sentences.  He’s talking so much now.

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