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If you need step by step directions, here you go:
To get started, you want to be come a “Member” with Young Living.  This is how you get the starter kit and a 24% discount on oils and other products you purchase in the future.   There is no monthly requirement and no requirement to sell.  Ever.  (However, if this is a road you’d like to explore, let me know!  I bet you’ll have friends and family curious about your oils!)

    Young Living has 5 different starter kits:
    • Premium Starter Kit (essential oils)
    • Little Oilers (oils for kiddos!)
    • Thieves
    • NingXia Red
    • CBD
    • Welcome Home

    This part is optional, but I highly recommend this.  I’ve earned tons of free products over the past 7 years- many things I used to buy at Target.  Target was only giving me 5% back on my Red Card (YL gives back 10-25%!), and the products I get from Young Living are much healthier options.  We have replaced toothpaste, household cleaner, lotions, face wash, body wash, supplements, energy drinks, and makeup that I used to buy at Target with Young Living.

    Essential Rewards is basically a monthly “customize your wellness box” program.   You spend a minimum of 50 pv (around $50 a month) on product you would buy anyway.  You pick the products you want, you pick the date you want them to ship, and you’ll get a new order every month!  And it comes right to your door. 🙌 You also get a percentage of your order back as rewards points to use toward free product later.

    You can cancel anytime and if you check yes to this today when you buy your kit, Young Living will send you a 13th free oil and you will get 10 points (like $10) back right away to spend on products. You can make this starter kit count as your first essential rewards order so that you don’t spend extra until next month.
    If you say no, no worries, but here are some of my favorite products that you should get with your kit.
    • Thieves cleaner-$22. It’s a concentrate and makes 30-40 spray bottles. Less than $1 per bottle. It’s the only house cleaner we use and is safe for kiddos and pets.
    • R.C. -$23.50 This is our go-to for supporting our respiratory system.   (I also love Ravintsara as another alternative!)
    • Cedarwood-$11.50 The best sleep. This stimulates the pineal gland to produce melatonin. Mix with lavender in diffuser and nighty night.
    Read more about Essential Rewards here:  ESSENTIAL REWARDS
    Create a user name and password and 4 digit pin. Write this down and this is how you will reorder.
    Select “I was referred by a Young Living member, and I have his or her member number” and put my number (1443070) in both of those boxes.   That way you’ll be joining my team and have access to all the resources our community has to offer to help you along the way.  I’ll be able to plug you into our education group and will keep in touch with you to help you!
  5. Agree to terms and conditions and check out!  Once you receive your order confirmation, shoot me an email or text and let me know you grabbed your kit so I can send you a welcome packet and add you to our exclusive education group on Facebook!