Why drink NingXia Red?

You see, there are these nasty little things called free radicals. They wreak all kinds of havoc on our health, as they come from toxins in many products, foods, environments, etc. that we are exposed to regularly.

Free radicals get into our systems and start looking for “a friend” and they end up stealing electrons from parts of cells like DNA, proteins, and cell membranes. This process is called oxidation, and it’s no good!! 😫We often first notice the first signs of free radical damage in the aging of our skin, but it also plays a huge role in the degradation of internal system functioning.

Enter: antioxidants!! They come on in and help stop the oxidative damage like the superheroes they are. 💪🏻 Here’s what you need to know: NingXia Red is a beverage made up of some of the highest antioxidants in the world. 🌎 (Source:

Ningxia Red also has all of these amazing benefits:

•gives you sustained energy 🏃🏻‍♀️
•supports many body systems to work as it should. Respiratory, circulatory, cardiovascular and more!
•maintains healthy blood pressure ❤️
•promotes healthy blood sugar levels
•boosts the immune system – helps digestion
•supports optimal vision 🤓
•helps you to be sharper mentally. 🧠
•keeps you going hard at the gym 💪🏽
•supports reproductive health
•awesome to drink through pregnancy 🤰

Here is a great website with info about Ningxia (and oils too!!).