I’m really quite pathetic…

So it doesn’t help that I’m becoming addicted to this blog, not to mention already being addicted to the internet (add in high speed internet now and I’m a lost cause!). I’m quite pathetic on many levels.

See, when I was younger I always felt like anything with “eyes” had feelings- yes, meaning all my stuffed animals and toys.  They all had names and I was guilty for days if I were to put them in one of our many annual yard sales.  I still have a box of my stuffed animals in my basement under the stairs- I’d feel guilty to “give them away”.

Ok so heres the real story. I bought this shirt at Target.  I have been buying a lot of clothes at T and I usually have no hesitation to return something if I don’t like it or don’t like how it washed.  So this green tank top- I bought it to wear to graduation, but I washed it and it is still waaay long (torso-wise) and it is knotted at the boobs and under the knot it kind of pooches out. I didn’t wear it to graduation and I really don’t know that I’ll wear it that much. So, I pack it up with the reciept and the tag and put it in the Fe to take back.  I was leaving work today going to Target and was trying to think of an excuse for why I am returning it.  I had settled on telling them that it shrunk up, but then this wave of guilt washed over me. Fully knowing there really isn’t anything wrong with this shirt, I pictured this poor tank top getting sent back to the company and tossed b/c it is “defective”.   Isn’t that pathetic?  I then started to feel bad for all the other clothes I’ve returned just because I didn’t like how they washed up.  So, I did not return the shirt. It will probably hang in my closet until next summer and I’ll ship it off to the resale store.  *sigh* What is wrong with my head? 

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