Only 10 days remain…

And my free subscription is up.  I have to decide if I want to continue this blog and pay $9 a month, or move on to a free blog site.  Easily said, though. I’ve spent all day (well not ALL day, but parts of today) researching different blog sites and signing up and trying them out.  I really don’t like any of them as much as typepad.  Either they don’t let you customize it very much or they are too busy looking or don’t give you the option to load pictures from your computer (you have to have your pics hosted somewhere on the internet). GRR. What to do What to do.  Anyone know of a good blog site that I could transfer to?  I really can’t seem to justify spending that much money just to type my thoughts onto the internet. 

Recap of my weekend:

Ran around town like a crazy bandit- running errands, getting quotes on fixing the Durango’s rust and getting opinions on the Durango in general.  Ryan was a sweetie and went to rent movies and get ice cream.  I fell asleep halfway through Ocean’s 12 (and never did rewatch it). 

We slept in till 11- UNHEARD of for me.  We bought the Durango and Ryan spent the day changing the oil in all three vehicles.  I showed Missy her pictures that I took last week and she put in her order for which ones she wanted. 

Later, we met up with Scott, Tara, Stuart, Dave and Erin at Ground Round for a drink and to watch the Pistions.  We finished up there and headed to Bone Island Grille till the bar closed.  I’m such a lightweigh anymore.  I don’t drink that often, and let me tell you- after 4 Smirnoffs I was feelin great.  We rarely go out like this, and when we do I think "why the heck don’t we do this more often?"  Not that I care to get wasted every weekend, but its fun to just have a few drinks and laugh and chat with friends.  Erin and I cracked up at this dude we called "Google Eyes" (he kept staring at us) and there was this old lady- yes I said old, I mean like white hair and wrinkly.  She was dressed like she was 20 or 30 years old- capris, tank top and chunky heels.  She kept sitting on the edge of the pool table and Stu went to take her picture and she POSED for him OH man.  I wish I had had my camera.  Oh and there were two mullet women there.  We could not figure out what they are thinking.  *I apologize to all you mullet wearers out there* but seriously- do they go to the salon and say "Give me a Joe Dirt?"  Man.

Lazy Lazy day today.  I am in my pj’s, hair is gross, hmm I have brushed my teeth, but other than that I haven’t made it that far from looking like I just woke up. I love lazy days like this. 

  1. I Love your blog here at Typepad, and I think it would definitely be worth it to keep!! I also love your new banner…cute puppy dog!!

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