So I found some stretch marks

So I found some stretchmarks….

Ryan and I went to dinner at Outback, where we shared a half order of cheese fries, I had his side salad for dinner and I had a *to die for* Chocolate Thunder for dessert. YUM. I was stufffed, felt sick, wanted to die as we walked out of there. There is no room in my abdomen!

So onto the stretchmark story… I was walking through the livingroom in my underwear (alrighty– I had to go from ‘my room’ where my clothes are and I change at to ‘our bedroom’ to get my pajama bottoms) and Ryan says “Woah whats wrong with your leg! Look at your leg right below your underwear line! Is your leg all bruised up?” So I go to the mirror, and what do I see? Tons of tiny little purple stretchmarks. Lovely. Now I know for a fact I’ve gained tons of weight in my butt and thighs. Oh well… must have been those “homemade” Chocolate Thunders I was eating a few weeks ago. I guess they’re named that for a reason… they give you Thunder Thighs! HAHA.

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