How did they pass English?

So recently I’ve been addicted to MySpace, and its such an eye opener what skanks some people are.  I won’t name names, won’t point fingers, but my word… some people are embarrassing to admit that I know them.  Anyway, from surfing MySpace, I am also appalled at the number of people who just plain do not understand proper english.  Here’s a few examples I’ve read on peoples comments…

“i seen u at the rocket fri but i don’t think u seen me”

“I seen you were on line”

Those are pure copied and pasted from comments. I SEEN you? You SEEN me?  WTF?  Ok, here we go girls… I SAW you at the Rocket Fri, but I don’t think you SAW me.    I SAW you were online.  OH MY FREAKIN WORD. I mean, I am no english genious, and I’m sure if you look in my posts here on Typepad there’s plenty of errors, but my word I SEEN YOU does not even SOUND right. EWW

  1. Nicole…you weren’t talking like that when i seen you online the other night. I swear, girl…You sound like u thunk that you was all smart or something. 🙂

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