Katie and Donnie came over today for one last tv day before they go up north for A WHOLE WEEK!   What are we gonna do?  LOL.

I got some hilarious pictures of Little D and Porterman playing together… well, not so much playing together but more like eyeing and stealing eachothers toys.  I made a hilarious slideshow of D stealing a toy from P.

Download donnie_and_porter_slideshow.exe

Now, just so you know, Porter is soooo not innocent… he was snatching the toys left and right from Donnie.  I just happened to get some really funny shots of Donnie taking the toy from Porter.   Here he is, in action…


I think my interview went pretty good today.  I think I’d really like working at Vandercook.  They asked a lot of questions about student-teacher and teacher-teacher relationships…. they are a smaller school district and I think they are very ‘relationship based’ which I like.  I loved that about Bean- it was like work was a little family away from home.  They are interviewing 4 people, and giving 2 a second interview and they want to have the position filled by next Thursday.  So the way I see it is I have a 50% chance of getting a second interview… and if I get that then I have a 50% chance of getting the job.  Wish me luck.

Bummer news… the house we LOOVED on Kibby Rd. has an offer on it.  It was something like 2600 or 3300 square feet (two different sizes listed in different listings), 4 bed 2.5 bath. New kitchen/family room and HUGE master bedroom suite, on almost an acre with a 2.5 car garage.  This would have been a an awesome house for us… but I suppose (as with everything else in my life right now) it wasn’t meant to be.  I guess something better will come along, hopefully.  Almost makes me want to take our house off the market because there isn’t another house right now that we like as much as that one.

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