Back in the day….

Andi and I would have loved this game…

Show Jumping Show Jumping

Take your horse through 4 tough level in this showjumping game!


Play this free game now!!

Andi is a friend of mine from waaay back.  We became friends in Junior High, and both loved horses more than life itself.  Together, we came up with a plan to save up our money and buy our own horses.  And we did it… at 13 years old we bought our own horses… and paid for their feed and boarding too!

Ag09_006_1 Ag09_007_1

Andi bought her horse, Missy, first.  Missy was an older mare, about 21 I think.  And then I bought Lacey… 3 years old and very green (as in not a very seasoned, well trained horse). Lacey and I were quite the pair, learning together mostly.  Wow.  When I think back to those days I can’t believe determined, how brave I was (riding a bucking horse running full blast through a field because she wanted to have a fit!), and how far Lacey and I came.

Ag09_008Lacey was a Foxtrotter/Belgain Draft Horse cross.  In other words, a big arse horse.  LOL.  It was always my dream to have a “show horse”- to do show jumping, but I didn’t have the money for lessons, nor the facilities to learn to jump.  We did show, in 4-H, and I always felt like a lot of the die-hard 4H’ers turned up their noses at us (my local 4H groups was a “if you don’t have a Quarter Horse you’re a nobody” type of people).

Anyway, Lacey and I showed in basic equitation classes, bareback classes (got 1st Ag09_009_1place!!), and around the barn we jumped anything we could find.  We had a good time.  Ag09_002

At the barn——–>


Check out this picture. I have no idea what Andi and I thought we were doing.  We used to take turns riding both horses around the arena… STANDING UP.  Dumb kids.

I wish I had more time now to go ride…  my friend, Barbie, now owns Lacey, and I can see her anytime I want.  Life is just so busy now.  I hope someday in the future I’ll have another horse, and my kids will get the chance to ride horses, but I guess we’ll see about that.

  1. I think that’s awesome you saved to buy your own horse. I would have loved to have a horse as a kid. What did you do at that age to make that kind of money?

  2. I can remember wanting a horse but my dad wouldn’t allow it. I DID get to go to Black River Farm & Ranch Horse Camp and learn all about the styles and tricks of riding and how to care for and feed your horse. It was wonderful!! I wonder if that place is still around if my daughter ever wants to go…

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