{birthday plans}

I have started planning Porter’s first birthday.  I can not believe he will be ONE in just 6 short weeks!  I had a heck of a time finding a place to have it, since the guest list is approaching 35 people (10 of those being kids).  I lucked out and was able to have Maria check on the clubhouse at her apartment complex.  There is a hefty deposit, but its refundable as long as nothing is broke… and other than that, there is no charge.  So, we’ll have pizza, breadsticks, pop and cake. Yum!  I have an ADORABLE theme I’m working on, I won’t share that until later… I’m so excited to decorate… it’s going to be one cute birthday party!

I am a big slacker today… didn’t get out my camera at all. P and I did meet Heather, Sawyer and Savannah at McDonalds, but I didn’t feel like lugging in my camera to take pictures (although I wanted to…. yet another reason I NEED a point n shoot…).  Anyway, I posted one of yesterday’s pictures for Project 365.

Tomorrow I have a newborn session… so excited for that.  I hope she’s a curly baby! And I hope she sleeps a lot!  LOL.  I’ll be sure to post those pictures this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend… its going to be a busy one.  Leslie’s shower is Saturday, and on Sunday we have my family Christmas.  My January weekends are booking up quickly! Lots of stuff to cram in…

Well, I think thats it for now.  I have to get my January Blue Crew layouts posted… I’m still one behind.  I’ve lost my scrapping mojo lately.  (I’ve uploaded 9 new layouts… see them here

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