This is what is so frustrating

Cuts affect Schools

How can I ever hope for a job if every year there are more and more budget cuts, more and more teachers being laid off, and more scrimping for schools?  What is going to become of our education system? Most classes have near 30 students in them.  How can we expect to educate our students when the funding is not there???

This only depresses me more to think that I went so in debt to become a teacher.  And only encourages me more to seek other career opportunities outside of the education field.    

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  1. Nicole-
    I haven’t read your blog in a LONG time, between working full-time and being a mommy I feel like a don’t have a chance to breath!! But, I had time to catch up today…and just remember the schools do have budgets to deal with which means lay-offs, but it will get better! If you know you were meant to be a teahcer don’t give up, we NEED good teahcers out there! Remember to keep JPS in mind…My school has a VERY senoir staff and half of them will be retiring in the next few years.

    Keep your head up…from a fellow teacher(and substitue teacher for 3 years before I landed my first job!)

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