Running with Heather’s idea…

of a few "car" pictures for P’s room or the toy room.  Not that I’m lacking pictures on my wall… but you know… you can never have too many. 

What do you think?  I ran a Midnight Sepia action on them to give them a little rustic look…





and a basketball….

Not much has been going on the last few days.  Friday Ry went to the casino with some friends, so I was a widow for the night.  Kind of nice, but kind of lonely going to bed alone.  He came home Saturday around 7ish and we’ve done nothing since… just sat around the house. I’m actually still in my pj’s… Ry too.  Porter probably would be too had Ryan not dressed him this morning.  Lazy day.

I feel like I’ve been attached to this computer for the last day.  I have been working on some new things for my photography business- a new business card, some new things for senior marketing and updating my website.  I’ve also been trying to get some of my picture folders organized and clean up my computer as well as print (order) the last 2 months of pictures.  We need a laptop so I can do this upstairs and at least be near my family. 


Porter isn’t feeling well, he’s had a bit of a fever since yesterday, so he’s been cranky and not fun.   


  1. Very neat pictures! They would be perfect for a playroom, or P’s room! I love em’!
    I’ve had a lazy day as well…just not feeling like doing a thing!! Hope that P’s feeling better!!!

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