Well, Porter woke up this morning with a 102.5 fever.  I called into work and we have a doctors appt. at 10:45.  He is BURNING up… the heat is enough to warm up my body when I’m holding him.  I’ve never felt him this hot before.  Hopefully they can figure out whats wrong.

MMMMM…. I just got a craving for McDonalds.  Like, I just got a whiff of the smell… well, not really, because we don’t have McD’s in our house… but the smell just crossed my mind.  Might have to swing through for lunch.  MMMM.  (wow… that was random)


  1. Hope Porter is doing okay…

    And, are you sure you’re not pregnant again? Haha! I was laughing at that because I just caved in and satisfied my McDonald’s craving last night! Hope you got some lunch 🙂

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