We’ve been trying to practice walking with Porter… he’ll walk to us from the chair, or other furniture, and he does really well walking just holding one hand (like a big kid!). It won’t be long and he’ll be on his own runnin around the house!


I swear, this kid is growing up WAY too fast.  I got home from work today and what does he say?  "BOCK BOCK!"  My mom taught him to "BOCK" like a chicken.  He loves his animal books, and now along with "Bbbboooooo" on the cow pages, he goes "BOCK" when he sees chickens.  Yesterday my grandma watched him, and she got him saying Aubri’s name… he calls her "Bree"  (do you notice a pattern… his words all start with B HAHA).  He’s picking up words left and right.  Some new words he says are.. "Ball, Duck, MAMA (YESSSS), Muuah! (when he gives kisses), and he’s attempted saying "Truck" in the bathtub (he has car/truck/plane squirter toys).

He plays like such a big boy… he was driving his little matchbox car "Sally" (from Disney’s Cars) all up and down the chair in the living room… up the arm, across the seat, up the other arm… all while making his car noise "Brrrrr brrrrr brrrr".  I can’t believe he’s starting to follow directions too… more than just "NOO NO don’t touch!".  We were playing in his room and I asked him to give me the ball and he did.  And I said "Go get your car" and he looked around and found his car and went and got it.  Where did my baby go?

(Ok, sorry this has turned out to be such a brag post… I know I do this often… but this is the only way I’ll remember these things- by putting them in writing.  So, please bear with me. I’m only attempting to freeze time).


  1. Our children do grow up fast, and we need to have the memories written down so when are children grow up and are at school we can go back and read about them while we cry.

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