Unproductive Weekend…

I feel like I got nada done this weekend.  We were pretty busy….

  • Two house showings… one through our realtor and one not (we did not renew our contract w/the realtor… we have more bargaining room with potential buyers if we don’t have to give a realtor a cut of our sale)
  • A newborn session on Saturday (see a few of baby Reyna’s pictures on the photography blog).  I spent a big chunk of late Saturday evening (into Sunday morning) proofing that session.
  • An out of control, 3-ring circus of an extended family get together on Saturday night
  • A surprise birthday party for one of my girlfriends
  • A mini session with Porter to get his "one year" pictures… (oooh he’s a cute one, I tell ya!)
  • I ordered Porter’s birthday invites
  • I set up QuickBooks for my business, and began tracking my expenses and income.  Fun stuff…

Ugh.  I swear… I feel like I have sooo much going on.

What I did NOT do….

  • Grocery Shop
  • Buy diapers
  • Finish my 5 scrapbook pages that I challenged myself to do
  • Exercise

I’m not ready to go back to work tomorrow.  I guess I shouldn’t complain… I only work until noon HAHA.  In the afternoon I have a meeting with a lady at the hospital to fill out the paperwork to get onto their Merchant Program for new moms.  I’ll be listed with other area business offering discounts to new moms who complete the Labor and Delivery classes through the hospital. I’m really excited about this… I love newborn sessions, and this will be a great way to get a lot of new clients!

Well… I should either try to scrapbook or go watch the Wives.  I love that show.  I am hating scrapbooking right now… I have no creativity at all.  UGH.

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