If Porter’s breath smells like beer…

there’s probably a reason.

I was sitting here on the couch (doesn’t it seem like I’m always sitting here??) answering emails and catching up on blogs, and I noticed Porter in front of me pick something up to drink.  I just thought it was my cup of water, or his water bottle that has the sippy spout on it, so of course I didn’t take action.  Then I saw him sit the “cup” down and start coughing and blubbering. Still, I sat, as he often does that when he drinks from a big person cup.  I just laughed and said “Get a big sip?” Then I noticed it…Ryan’s can of beer.  Porter’s eyes were watering. Niiice.  My kid is already trying to get all boozed up.  HAHA!  That’ll teach him to try to smooch drinks from random cups sitting around our house LOL.

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