Not to be outdone….

What exactly do the guys do when they are together?



Yeah, they rip on us girls for being glued to the laptops, but what do they do when they’re together?  Fantasy Football, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Football. 


Ryan Morrison is in from St. Louis (Porter and I picked him up from the airport this morning) and he and Ryan and some other guys are going to the Oregon vs. Michigan game tomorrow afternoon.  Sounds like fun stuff, huh?   Its 8pm, they’ve run off to Hunt Club to play pool and have a few beers, so I’m left to myself for the evening to blog, catch up on client pictures and maybe, just maybe, take a break and scrapbook.  Hmm…

Sorry I’ve been a flake with the Thoughts for Thursday stuff… I might try to come up with something this evening.  I just have no good thoughts lately.


  1. Wow, everyone & their mom was at the HC tonight. A bunch of my family from out of town went tonight to catch up. I didn’t go, though… cramps. ugh. I was having some good thoughts for the TFT this morning… I know, a day late. Maybe I will do a tardy post this weekend. lol

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