Not much of a post…

Nothing great happening around here.  We’ve had a relaxing weekend so far, I’ve decided to stop working on photography (client) related stuff from Fridays-Sundays.  Its made for a very relaxing and stress free weekend.  Other than Porter being oddly bad lately.  He is normally SUCH a good listener… he does what he’s told, and lately he’s been SUCH a good boy. We’re always told by people who have been around him that he’s such a good listener and that he’s so well behaved.  A month or two ago we went through a little spell where he had to have time outs etc, but for quite awhile now he’s been such a good listener, not getting into trouble, etc.  Well, the last 2 days he’s been so naughty.  Not listening when he’s told to do something (such as go in his room to get his diaper changed, etc etc), and getting into things he has been told multiple times not to get into.  He’s been in time out twice today.  I know, I know, its this AGE… but honestly, this is so not like him.  He’s driving me crazy lately.

Here are a few pictures from this weekend.  His new infatuation is the Bumbo Seat (“bummo.  seet!” pronounced with the pause inbetween the words haha!).  Leslie had borrowed it for Reyna, and recently returned it to us, so its been hanging out in our living room.  Porter loves to watch tv in the “bummo. seet!” That, or “Ahhh bree’s seeet!” (the booster that Aubri used the weekend we babysat her.  I guess that warrants it “HER” seat).

By the way, Jess… these were taken with my new 30mm 1.4.  So far, I like it.  I haven’t been able to really see the tack sharpness that I imagined, but then again… I never get tack sharp pictures of Porter… something about taking pics of your own kids.  Ugh.



I love how he’s curling his toes in this picture. That is something that I do alllll the time.  I even stand and do my makeup with my feet curled… as in, I curl my toes and stand on the side of my feet.  Weird, I know.




  1. Must be that age that just LOVES Bumbo seats. Because I was watching Tiegan the other night and she took Joss’ Bumbo EVERYWHERE! And in regards to the Halloween costumes, I found them on then on the left hand sidebar click on Baby Halloween Costumes and a TOOOOON come up. Some pretty funny ones I might add. Like the Whoopie Cushion hahha 🙂

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