New higher-weight 5-point harness seat found

Ok, I wondered if anyone has heard anything about this seat that I recently found.

The other day, Porter and I were bored so we went to The Toy House to play with toys, pick up a few train track pieces, browse etc.  We browsed the car seats and I saw that they now have a new seat available there that allows children to use the 5-point harness at higher weights. Now, Toy House only sells Britax car seats because "they’re the best"… I don’t totally agree with that frame of mind, but I figured if they’re selling this SafeGuard Go seat it must be reputable, right? 

Anyhow, eventually we’ll have another baby to use the two convertible seats that Porter has (a Graco ComfortSport in Ry’s Durango and an Alpha Omega Elite in my car), and I’ll want to move Porter up to a seat that he can use as a booster also, but I want him to be in a 5-point harness until he’s at least 5.  I’m assuming by that time he’ll be more than 40lbs by then (maybe not?), which is the limit for most harnesses on convertible car seats (and the only reason that Britax was on the list for us to buy for P, but I cringe at spending $300 on a seat).  This SafeGuard Go seat was listed at $179 at Toy House.  I like the $100+ price savings!!  Especially when we’ll have to buy him two seats (one for each vehicle).

Another huge bonus I love about that seat… it says its the first ever latch equipped, belt-positioning booster seat. AND it folds up and is portable for plane rides etc.  Pretty sweet. 

So, any thoughts/opinions

  1. Thanks for the info. I remember you posting a story about this a while back. I will definitely share all of this with my husband. It pays to read your blog!

    By the way, I love all of the new photos on your other blog (I can’t leave comments there for some reason). They just keep getting better and better. And…Dave is sending you that pic tonight.

  2. I’ll have to head to Toy House and check that out. I’m also looking for a new seat for Ava. Mark can have her icky one 🙂
    Love the new header and the pic of you and P

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