I almost forgot!!

I almost forgot about some pictures I had on my point and shoot from last weekend.  Leslie’s post (with her pics) reminded me… so here are a few.

Maria is getting married on October 13th and I’m in her wedding.  I do believe I win the “Worst Bridesmaid of the Year” award, as I haven’t a clue what is going on with her wedding.  I’m that horrible.

Anyhow, I do have the dress and shoes, and I know where I need to be on the 13th HAHA!

Maria is going to be such a gorgeous bride.  I can’t wait to see her on her big day!

These girls in the pics… these girls go WAY back with me… back to ELEMENTARY school!  Can you believe that?  Maria and I have been friends since we were 8 and 9 (so… 16 years!!) and Leslie, Missy, Carrie and I have known each other since early middle school.  Its crazy how longs its been.  Its so neat though to still be friends with these same women (WOMEN!) that I knew when we were all children, getting grounded, caught skipping school, boyfriend drama… all that fun stuff.   Now we’re all grown up, and either married, getting married, and having children!!

Me, Maria, Missy


Leslie and Me

Me, Carrie

Here’s Carrie… the TP Bride.  (we didn’t win..)

Some of these girls need to GET A BLOG!!!  (Hear that Maria?  Missy??? Carrie?????)

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