Tantrums. They’re back.  We had a few weeks (months ago)
where Porter threw a few tantrums and we started Time Outs.  Then, he
was an angel of a child for a few months and now, well, lets just say
he’s been in time out nearly every day. 

The kid has a memory like a, well, an elephant (lets stick with the
topic HAHA!).  When he gets put in time out, its not any specific spot,
but usually by a wall. I sit him down and the conversation goes like


Me: "Porter, you are in time out for hitting mommy with your truck.  It is NOT nice.  You need to sit here for ONE minute."

I walk away.  He usually pouts, or tries to get my attention by calling me, or saying "HI!" when I walk by.

One minute is up.  I kneel down to him and tell him to stand up so we can talk.

Me: "Porter, do you know why you’re in time out?"

P: "Hit!  Mama!  Truck!  NOOOO NOOOO!"

Me: "You’re right.  It hurts mommy when you hit her with your toys. Its not nice.  What do you say to mommy?

P: "Sorry-oh" (sorry… I have no idea where the "oh" comes from)

And then he hugs me.    Its so sweet.  And, that incident was like a
week ago.  He still, when he plays with that truck says "Hit!  Mama!
Truck!  NOOO!"

Today we went to the Toy House to pick up a few misc. track pieces for
his train set (they sell them separately for 50cents to $2).  He was a
great listener all throughout the store.  I let him walk through the TH instead of sitting in a cart.  And he does a great job.

Well, we get ready to leave so I pick him up so I can hold him while I pay for the train tracks.  I didn’t want him running back to the book area or getting out of my sight while I was paying.  He sees a little bucket of mini cars on the counter.  He wants them.  I tell him "Yes, those are cars.  No, you can’t have them.  They’re nice, aren’t they?  But, you have cars at home."  I sit him on the counter about 2 feet from the bucket of cars and he starts to whine and fuss and whine louder for the cars.  I get in his face and say "Stop it right now, Porter.  You can NOT have the cars.  If you keep whining, you’re going to sit in a time out."

I try to pay.  He starts whining louder.  So, I do our little time out ritual right there on the floor at the end of the checkout line.  He sits there while I pay, whining and kicking his feet in his time out.  By the time I’m done paying, he was over his tantrum and we had our little talk and things were peachy keen.

Public tantrum #1 out of the way.  It wasn’t that horrible or that embarrassing.  I felt like I handled it ok, and that I made my expectations clear to Porter and followed through in a consistent manner. 

However, it also didn’t involve too much kicking and screaming and flailing. I can’t WAIT for those kind of tantrums.  EEEK! 

  1. Tiegan already has the kicking/screaming/flailing tantrums where she purposely falls on the floor to dramatize. Oh boy is she ever the drama queen!! I have been trying the same “time out” tactic and I have to tell you it is working slowly but surely. Jason is the “come here honey, what’s wrong?” snuggling type, so I guess I am the bad guy, LOL.
    But I do have you to thank!! It was after I read your last post about how you went through time-outs with Porter (and how well they worked) that I started trying them with Tiegan… and voila… they started to work!

  2. You know, we have never gotten to that point. I think if you handle them in a way where a kid knows what will happen, often they don’t escalate.

    They only escalate when they figure that turning it up a notch will result in them getting what they want. If they know it’s not going to happen regardless, I think they tend not to bother.

    And the time out is a beautiful thing as it can happen ANYWHERE. Brad found it amusing when I gave Morgan one in the middle of a beach LOL

    And they totally calm down. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I gave M one. Just the threat of “If you do that again, you will be having a time out” is enough now!

  3. We have the full psycho version tantrums with 2 of our kids. I have left the store with the cart full on too may occasions to count. At home I just completely ignore them and step right over them. Will it ever end?

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