Here we go again… I had a couple things to post and now I can’t remember.  Repeat after me *WRITE IT DOWN!!*

So last night we had our first swimming class. Aside from looking like a flabby, pasty, cellulite-y hooch they went great.  Note to self:  Get rid of the bikini.  You are SO not bikini material.

There were three kids in the class: Porter, Lukas and a little girl named Tia.  I had figured the classes would be kind of unstructured and more focused on teaching us how to get the kids comfortable in the water and teach basic swim techniques (which they did do all of that) however we did a ton of singing and motion-games as well which was very fun. 

I’m really impressed with how great the classes are.  Porter was a little more preoccupied with the baskets of toys outside the pool for the other kiddo class going on, but for the most part he did enjoy the class.  We did songs like The Wheels on the Bus (and we swish the kids around for the wipers, etc etc), Ring Around the Rosie, The Noble Duke of York, some motor boat song to blow bubbles to and quite a few other fun songs. 

I’m really excited to keep going to the classes with him.  The YMCA also has a toddler tumbling class and I’m thinking of rotating the two classes either 4wks in one 4wks in the other, or 8wks in one and 8wks in the other.  We’ll see how the swimming goes for the next 7 classes. 

  1. Glad you guys had fun! They sound exactly the same as the classes we took, the songs are even the same. I bet Porter would love the tumbling classes, isn’t this such a great age.

  2. How fun! I bet Porter will love it and the tumbling class sounds awesome! My nephew was in one at Porter’s age and it was perfect for him to get rid of all that energy.

  3. Glad to hear Porter is having fun. Annika loves swimming, but hated lessons. She would have rather jumped off the side, than listened. It wasn’t fun. I think we skipped the last few cause it was so painful. Now she’s in dance and loves it. It’s nice to have activities for kids this young, they need to be active too?…

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