Oh. His. Words.

You’ll all get a kick out of this.

I’m in a dressing room at Target with Porter, trying on some “real waist” maternity pants as many of my dress pants are getting snug.  (Ugh… only 10 weeks pregnant… WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??).

I start to try on one pair.  Take off my pants.

Porter walks over, and in his loud, sweet voice says “Mama PENIS!”

I about convulse.  I try to hush him. “No.  No Porter… mama doesn’t HAVE a penis!  Boys have penises, remember?”

Porter is unfazed.   “Mama Gy-NA!?”

I nearly gag.   I whisper-yell to him  “Yes. YES Porter.  Mama has a gyna.”

OMG.  Thats what I get for being strait up with a one year old.

And, you’ll love this as well.  Last night Ryan turned on a game on tv.  Porter says something that sounds quite close to “Oh Damn!”

We both look at each other… “Uh….”   So, we try to get him to say things that ‘might’ have been what he was saying.  “Porter… say Oh! Game!”  (nope) “Porter, say Oh! Man!”  (nope)

I say to Ryan…”Hmm… look what he picked up the last time you watched a game with him around….”

And, today we’re in the checkout line at Target.  He drops his matchbox Jeep.  “Oh Damn!”

Thats all I can figure it out to be.  I have no clue.

  1. HAHA I know – you want them to talk and then you want them to stop! Morgan was looking down his shirt yesterday and I was like dude, what are you doing? He says “Bra?” I was like UM NO, boys don’t wear bras, my friend!!!

  2. I am a total dunce! Even after reading your post the other day, I didn’t get it that you are prego! Congradulations!

  3. ha! That is too funny! I would love to have that happen to my hubby in a restroom!! He is mortified that I taught all of our kids penis & vagina, as opposed to pee-pee or privates. It is what it is, that way when the kids hear the word for the 1st time it isn’t like it is some dirty/funny word, but somehow hubby still gets all embarassed. Now boobies-that is a different story! That is the word for a bra, Mommies-boobies. Not cool 🙂

  4. Funny story! So I have been sooooo out of the loop lately and I had no idea you were pg! CONGRATS!!!!!!! That is so wonderful and exciting!!! I am so happy for you and your family!!!!

  5. That is SOOOO stinkin funny! Poor Nicole though! lol.

    By the way, since I haven’t told you yet..


    Ok, that is all 😉

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