Smells like…. rotten meat

I blamed it on my pregnancy Super Sense of Smell, but I should have known there was something…. fishy…. when I walked in the house this morning.

First off, our morning started out rough.  Leak in the bathroom, not sure if its under the sink or the shower piping.  Either way, its scoring me a new ceramic floor, new wider cabinet and sink, and new vanity mirror.  I’m happy.  Ryan is not.

So, I walk in the house from Menards (went to pick up tile) and it stunk.  I changed the garbages, let the dogs out, washed the towels that were soaked from the bathroom floor, and swept the landing by the back door (where the dogs come in and out).

I went to make Porter lunch and remembered I needed to get a loaf of bread from the deep freezer in teh basement. Opened it up, stuck my head in and, as I did so, I wondered… why does the bread look… not frozen.  Well, once I touched it and took a whiff, I realized WHY.  The freezer was totally unfrozen.  And we had lots of rotten meat fermenting in there.  SICK.

I slammed it shut and ran upstairs gagging.  Luckily it was a nice enough day that I could open all the doors and windows and air the house out (it was still chilly though).

Ryan just got home from work. Porter hasn’t napped so he’s a maniac.  The neighbor came down to help Ryan bring the freezer upstairs and as he was pushing the dolly up (Ry was at the top pulling the dolly), Dave flipped the freezer lid open right in his face. HAHAAH!  Poor guy!

Anyhow… thats going to be our weekend.  Tearing up the bathroom and trying to fix the leak and de-smellify our deep freezer.

So, there goes Day #2 of NaBloPoMo!

  1. oh Yuck! you poor thing, having to smell that all day. Hopefully your house airs out fast so you don’t have the lingering smell and have fun picking out the new stuff for the bathroom!

  2. What a bummer! A smell that you can’t find – the worst thing ever! And then to find it – AHHH! Hopefully you get everything taken care of this weekend!

  3. Oh No-eeew!! Is the deep-freezer working again/worth de-stinking-out? Any idea why the stuff thawed out in the 1st place?

  4. Oooo, I remember that super smelling preggo nose! I hated it and to think you actually had to smell something REALLY bad with it! Everyday normal smells can be enough. Hope you got everything figured out.

  5. ewwwww. when i was pregnant with cade we went to the outback. i walked in and walked right back out and puked all over the side walk. meat smell. eww.

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