Thursday and Friday: Anniversary and Parade

Well, I was too busy yesterday to update, and last night I was too tired. 

Thursday was our anniversary… 4 years!  Really, it seems like we’ve been married longer than that.  When I counted out the years (yeah, I had to count to make sure that was right) I thought it had been at least 5 years.  Probably because next month will mark the 10 year anniversary from when we started dating.  THAT seems like a long time.

Anyhow, Ryan had class Thursday night but he did get out early.  I had made walnut brownies, bought ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and planned for a scrumptious Outback Chocolate Thunder-From-Home snack while we watched a movie.  Ryan put Porter to bed and then we ate Dijorno pizza while we watched Til’ Death until our movie came on Pay Per View.  Then we watched Knocked Up while chowing on ice cream sundaes.  YUM!  The movie was pretty funny.  It had way more f-bombs than I cared for, but for a "dumb funny" movie it was pretty funny.

Last night we went to the Christmas Parade downtown.  We planned to meet Leslie and Reyna in front of the library and, while we were late (because we couldn’t get onto the other side of Michigan Ave to park where we had planned… we had to walk longer) we ended up not finding her because they ran into the same problem we had and got stuck on the south side of Michigan Ave. 

We still had a great time, though.  We walked a few blocks to see a cement mixer that was blocking one of the crossroads and actually ran into Barbie, Simon and Cannen Hodgson.  We watched the parade with them.  I think Porter was more fascinated with the trucks and the trailers they were pulling (the trailers being the decorated float part) than the lights, decorations and music.  He did like the marching bands… about 5 or so (maybe more) schools had their bands in the parade playing Christmas music.  Here are a few pics:


(they really were having a good time.  I think the po’d look on Ryan’s face is because *GASP* I wanted to take a PICTURE!  Oh my God!!!)



This next one was crazy.  Those 4 baskets are hot air balloon baskets… and they were spitting their fire-air into the sky.  It was pretty cool, and was warm as they went by but I was kind of freaked something was going to catch on fire.  And, then they came up to a stoplight and one guy kept blowing the fire on his basket.  Luckily, the other people on the float got his attention and he stopped just in time to NOT burn up the power cord and stoplight!

Elvis… or…. King Kong trying to eat Elvis’ face?



Ryan and Porter running through the leaves on the library lawn.


  1. First off, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I hope you guys had a good one! Secondly, how freakin’ cool is that parade? We seriously have nothing cool like that around here.

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