Sicko update

I went to the doctor this morning and he put me on an antibiotic.  No flu, no strep throat.  I guess he never really did say what I had.  Who knows.  I just hope the meds kick in and I start feeling better soon.  He wanted me to take tomorrow off of work and take it easy, especially because I’m pregnant.  Can’t complain about that (well, my paycheck will…. I wont’ have any hours for this week!  eww!). 

Porter has had a raspy cough and a stuffy nose for the past week.  Tonight I decided to take another shower and just soak in the steam so I let him shower with me.  He loves taking showers, and I actually enjoy that time with him too (does that make me weird?!?).  Its the only time he really SITS STILL in one spot.  He just hangs out in the tub, sits down and plays with his toys while the water runs over him.  He’ll make his way to the water spout to fill up his cup, and then back to "his side" of the tub to play.  The steam from the shower really helped my chest (for awhile, at least… its starting to feel congested again!), and I hope that it helped Porter’s chest a little as well.  Maybe he’ll sleep better tonight after playing in the steam. 

Porter has been CRACKING me up lately.  He is a wild man, I tell ya.  He talks up a storm and is putting together short sentences, although not always in order.   The other day he wiped his nose on my shirt and said something like "Wipe shirt mama" or something… (ok, he’s not a maniac… he was only trying to do that b/c the night before he was up with a horrible stuffy, runny nose and crying and upset and I was consoling him and just let him wipe his nose on my night shirt).

He has been pretending to be No Feet from Little Bear.   For those of you who don’t watch… No Feet is the snake.  Fitting name, eh?  He’s the only animal on the show that has an actual name that isn’t his animal name (ie… Hen, Cat, Owl, Little Bear and…. No Feet).  Porter will crawl around and say "Porter No Feet!"  Here is Ryan and Porter crawling like No feet to the bathroom….  Crazy guys. 


Well, I’m off to go upstairs and veg out on the couch with a bowl of ice cream.

  1. Hey, good to see you today. I hope you are feeling better quickly. It sure is tough when you get sick like that and are pg… so much we COULD do, but CANT to keep baby safe. Be sure and put a humidifier near you when you sleep too. I know we do those things for our kids, but sometimes forget about it for us too. Porter is such a neat little guy. I am amazed at how well he talks and his annuciation(sp) is SO good!

  2. I hope you (and little Porter, too) get better, pronto. I am dreading having to deal with getting a cold and taking care of a child. Even worse, I bet, is taking care of a child/infant with a cold…not looking forward to that. Cute picture of Ryan and Porter, by the way.

  3. Hope you are better soon! How cute, No Feet was always my kids fave too 🙂 Something about him that they always liked!

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