Obsessive Compulsive Boy

Its been a productive day for me so far..

  • Did a load of dishes
  • Called New York Life Ins. and set up an appt. for next week to get life insurance
  • Took Porter in for his second round of flu shot (which I didn’t realize was TODAY until… today!)

When we went to the doctor’s office, Porter was playing with the trucks in the waiting room.  We went back and he got his shot (which he took like a champ!) and then on our way out he ran over to the toys saying "Bye bye truck!" and began his rounds of giving the trucks a kiss goodbye.  I tried to hurry him out the door, but he began picking up all the trucks.  "Mama, truck awaaaaay?" (meaning, "Mama, I’m putting the trucks away????")  So, I waited patiently while he picked up about 6 of the toys that were laying around the waiting room and put them in the toy box. I heard a mom behind me say to her daughter, "See, look at what a good job that little boy is doing!" 

When he finished, we turned to walk out and I caught the moms eye and she was saying to her daughters "Did you see what a good job he did?"  Oh man. I was thinking "What a freak child I have!  HAHA!  Who VOLUNTARILY picks up toys that other kids had gotten out before him?"    So I just looked her way and said "Well, let’s hope he keeps this up for awhile heh. heh. heh."  Yikes, show off kid! 

Its funny, though, because he’ll do things like that.  Usually its at the worst time, like when we’re going out the door or getting ready for bed.  He’ll find something that HAS to be put away.  Like a tissue on the floor.  Or some random toy that has been lying around but it just *needs* to be put away.  And how can I argue with that?  Voluntary toy clean up?  HAHA!

  1. ava is like that too. maybe it is the age? she refuses to get out of the tub until everything is back in order…even if she is freezing to death!

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