Let’s do this thing differently…

A lot of people are doing posts on things that they’re thankful for.  I’ve thought about doing that, but then I felt like I’d kind of just be reiterating what they wrote.  I’m thankful for so many people and things in my life.  Many of the same things that others are writing about. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ungrateful and I know today is a day of "thanks."  But, given some recent events, I’d like to take a "different" approach to this.

What I am *NOT* thankful for:
My husbands ability to act like an immature 14 year old at the most inopportune moments. 

See examples below:

  • He smells Porter has pooped.  He immaturely states "I got nasty one this morning.  This one is yours"  As I am busy putting clothes away and getting in the shower.  So he makes Porter sit in his poop while I shower and begin to dry my hair.  While HE sits on his butt watching tv.  And then he throws the diaper at me as I walk out the bathroom door.  The diaper he’s had in his hand for half an hour.
  • I ask him if he knows if my white bra is downstairs hanging up.  He answers in a voice most commonly reserved for 14 year old attitudinal girls "I don’t knooooow!"
  • He’s laying on the floor "playing" with Porter.  He grabs a truck that he KNOWS will make Porter scream and beg and grab for it.  Porter does as expected.  Ryan totally ignores him, and keeps egging him on by driving the truck back and forth in front of him as he kicks and whines and tries to grab it.  Instead of acting like an adult and explaining to him that he CAN NOT act like that and if he wants to play with it he needs to stop throwing a fit and ask nicely.  Nope, 14 year olds don’t think that way.  He likes to egg him on, acting like a child himself. 
  • I get up with Porter every stinking morning of the week (weekends we usually split up the days).  Tomorrow I have to get up early, so this morning I ask him to take today and I’d let him sleep in tomorrow.  He whines and rudely (in that 14 year old attitudinal voice) that "You get to sleep in EVERY day!"  Well buddy, you normally get up at 5am.  So, now that it is 7:30am, technically you DID just sleep in.  He took the "you get to sleep in tomorrow" bait and did let me sleep till 8:45. 
  • I get up from my hours sleep in (let me explain to you… when HE sleeps in… its till 10 or 11am) and I find Porter eating a graham cracker and those packaged orange cheese crackers.  He said he gave him a slice of cinnamon bread. Isn’t that breakfast?
  • He still doesn’t "get it" that Porter picks up on EVERYTHING we say and do.  So the fact that he hasn’t learned that parenting skill doesn’t prevent him from saying things like "Look at the sexy mama!" in front of Porter.  Nice.  Just what I want my almost-2 year old saying… sexy.  And knowing how to use the word. 

This is all just this morning.  Isn’t that nice? 

Good Lord I am NOT your mother.  I am your WIFE.  Start treating me that way and start acting like an adult… a husband… a father.  I guess it is true that "Men mature much slower than women."  I guess I’ll just have to do what’s best when dealing with children… lead by example.  Hopefully by Baby #2’s arrival he’ll pick up on some mature parenting skills and have grown up a bit by then. 

**Disclaimer** Those of you who do not know my husband.. he is a great guy.  He’s a wonderful father and a wonderful husband.  I love him to death and most of the time wouldn’t trade him for a million dollars.  This is just one of his horrible traits that I am extremely irritated with today and would like to Not Give Thanks to it. Those of you who do know my husband… I’m sure you get exactly what I’m talking about.

  1. man am i good at getting her going. maybe she shouldn’t take her hormonal attitude out on me or maybe she should share with all of you that this is what she does. Isn’t turnabout fair play.

  2. Ok, Nicole this had me feeling SO thankful that I am not the only one today who thinks my husband is a annoying 14 yr old!!! Jason thinks that chocolate chip granola bars are breakfast. Now that’s a great way to start the day, all sugared up!!! My advice… next time stay in bed until AT LEAST 10, and don’t feel guilty about it. They can’t live w/o us! 🙂 ha ha guys! New play date group coming soon: 30’s going on 14 year old dads who instigate meltdowns and have to deal with them all on their own while mom’s go out and enjoy “real” conversation!

  3. thanks for the laugh! i love my husband, but oddly enough, he has some of these same issues. hmmmmm. is there like some sort of secret society they are part of?

    happy ‘thanks or no thanks’ giving. 🙂

  4. Nic (& Ryan a.k.a. husband)
    It is just husband-syndrome, doesn’t go away. My mature (34 I think?) husband does alot of the same things, including the ‘sexy Mama’ comments. Sleeping in-never happens, I am the early bird who is up @ 4:00 & him feeding the kids? Ice cream for breakfast? Sure kids, because I don’t think Wendy’s is open @ 8:30 in the morning. Ha!

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