Decorating Survey: My Answers

I guess I should finally get around to answering my survey.  And posting pictures.

  1. White lights or Color? Color.  Although, this year I really wanted to use white lights but we only had two strands.  I needed three and didn’t want to go to the store.
  2. Do you decorate the back of your tree? Nope.  Our tree is in the corner, although right by a window, but I don’t think you can see the side of the tree very well out the window.  We decorate what you can see.
  3. Do you use ribbon or beaded garland or similar items? Yes.  This year I used a purply-red ribbon, teal beaded garland and red tinsel garland that had the stars dangling from it (and… after decorating the tree I realized I had bought the red tinsel garland last year for wrapping presents.  Oops!  That’s what I get for buying a year in advance)
  4. What is your tree topper? A silver lighted star.  Cheap. I want a new, cute one, but haven’t got around to buying one.
  5. Do you put candy canes on your tree? Not normally. Last year we did, and I really didn’t care for it.  This year we didn’t.
  6. Do you have a themed tree (color, items etc)? I usually do a color theme and we add on some of our “memorable” ornaments (from wedding, Porter, vacation etc…).  This year I was so happy with my “matching” tree that we kept all our other ornaments packed away.  All two 18 gallon totes full!  For a few years our color theme was blue/silver/purple.  Then it was red/gold.  Last year after Christmas I bought all this bright colored stuff on clearance.  I love it.
  7. If you do have a theme, does your wrapping paper match it?  Definitely.  That is my favorite part!
  8. Is your tree the only part of your house you decorate? We have a few other decorations, but we don’t get too crazy about it.
  9. Do you put lights on your house? No, although we have about 5 boxes of icicle lights that we’ve had for about 3 or 4 years and we’ve never used them.  Seems like too much work to put up and then take down a month later.
  10. Do you have yard decorations? No

And… onto my tree. (please ignore the yellow cast.  Icky artificial lighting, taken at night and I was too lazy to do a CWB).



And my favorite part… the presents.  I *love* getting all creative and making pretty presents.






And, last but not least, our sock-advent-calendar.  Excuse the flash.  It was a grey, ugly day yesterday.




  1. The socks look so jolly! lol!
    What did you put in them?

    And wow, you have a jolly husband to let those socks hang down over the top of the tv like that… my Ryan would have a fit if I tried that!

  2. Beautiful Tree! I LOVE the bright colors. I was wanting to do bright colors for my tree this year but decided to wait. I also love your stocking countdown! GREAT IDEA!

  3. Tell us all about the socks – what did you put in them? Great idea!

    You presents are SO pretty! You have inspired me to try to do something nice with my gifts next year 🙂

  4. Your tree is beautiful! Love the packages… so pretty.
    I need a wrapper do you travel? (haha)
    I love sock-advent-calendar So Cute! I can’t help but smile.

    Have a Great Day!

  5. Man! I hate you…your present wrapping skills are phenomenal and mine are so sub par! I’m jealous! 🙂 By the way, love your tree. We still need to get one.

  6. Beautiful tree! I used to wrap presents all pretty and stuff, but then I had kids. What’s the point, they don’t make it to their destination in tact anyway! Oh, and that’s a lot of socks!

  7. Your tree and Christmas decorations are AWESOME! Thanks for the info on your friend. I will definitely check out her site!:)

  8. your wrapping job puts mine to shame… mismatched paper, sloppy corners, no bows, the works. Perhaps you can send your elves over my way=)

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