Burnt out, washed out… slacker.

I’ve been a slacker blogger ever since NaBloPoMo.  Sorry about that.

  • I’ve been a bit consumed with baby stuff right now.  Trying to decide what to do about the bedding that I want (that is WAY too expensive…).  I finally found someone online that does custom bedding if you provide the fabric, and she’s not too expensive either.  So, I contacted her today and hopefully will hear back from her soon and be able to have the bedding made!


  • I also have been racking my brain, the internet and baby books (as well as some friends’ brains) for baby names.  I really want for Ryan and I to be able to decide on a name for this little guy soon.  Not that we don’t have 24+ weeks left, but I really like to refer to my babies as something other than “baby”.  I just posted a poll so if you want, stop by over there and vote!  I’ve been a slacker on that blog as well (ok, so all of my blogs!) and I’m sure people are sick of checking and not seeing any updates.


  • Now that I think I’ve figured out what to do about the new baby’s bedding, I’m trying to figure out what to do about Porter’s bedding.  He’ll be getting a new bed either for his birthday in February or at least by the time the baby comes, and I want to redo his room for this big change.  Problem is, I can’t seem to find bedding that I *love* for him.  Well, wait, scratch that.  I found bedding that I love, that I’d totally be willing to fork out the money for, but its discontinued in the outlet section of Land of Nod.  Phooey!  I’ve scoured the internet and ebay for any possible sites that might have this for sale with no luck.  If anyone else comes across anything similar to these, or better yet… finds these online in a twin size… I’ll send you a big honkin’ blog kiss.

Land of Nod Keep on Truckin’ (which I know Porter would LOVE!)

(if you look closely, the blue comforter is reversible and has the same trucks stitched into the fabric)

Land of Nod I’ve Got Your Number


Land of Nod Twill Out
I’ve also contemplated this comforter cover (I hate that its just a cover though.. what a PAIN!).  I like the wall color and the wall decorations (stripes and wall art).  This is purchasable, but I don’t love it near as much as the previous two.  Especially for a two year old.


  • Tomorrow I’m going to scrapbook with LeeAnn.  We have a house showing
    (second one in the past week!).  I am crossing my fingers our house
    sells soon as I’m sick of being crammed in here.  I know its just worse
    because its the holidays and we have the tree up and a bazillion
    presents stashed here and there, but still…. 900sq feet is just not
    enough for 4 people and 2 dogs.

Not much else to update.  I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Porter.  I’ve been working on a “Porter Update” post but haven’t posted it just yet.



  1. See, I like the duvet covers…you don’t have to worry about tearing up a nice comforter/quilt. I wash Alyssa’s quilt so often, I’m sure it’ll be falling apart here soon. The covers are usually so much cheaper as well. Her next one will def be a duvet cover. We have a duvet cover and it’s great in the summer time…just pull the comforter out of it and then we’ve got a lighter summer blanket.
    I love them all though so I’m no help! I really like those wall hangings, too!!!

  2. Nic-

    Glad to see you up & bloggin again 🙂 The bed patterns are all great, what hard decisions. For a little guy Porter’s age I would favor the Keep On Truckin'(whose adorable pictures both have vehicles in them). Can’t believe how big Porter looks in those pics!

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