Happy Package Delivery Day!

Look what arrived on my front step today:


I guess I never filled you all in on the bedding situation.  Just after I posted my big long decision filled post about bedding on Tuesday, I decided that I liked the idea of bunk beds.  Real bunk beds… bunk beds that come apart to two twin beds so they could possibly be used in two different bedrooms if need be. 

So, in searching for bunk beds, I came across some that I really liked.  And on the "display" picture, there was bedding that I really liked as well!  It was on closeout, though, so I figured I should buy it soon or risk it being sold out.  After a day of thinking about it, I went ahead and ordered the bedding from JCPenney.  That was Wednesday late evening.  I received the package today!  Kudos to JCP for super fast shipping! (even though they could have taken their sweet time… its not like I need the bedding right now.)


I really really like the bedding set.  Its perfect.  I also love the "decorated" room that is in the pictures. I’ll probably do something quite similar to that (although we wouldn’t put the cost of wainscoting in this house, however I’ll be begging Ryan to do that in the new house… if we EVER move). 

Here are the bedroom pictures:  (We’ll probably end up getting this bunk bed set as well)



And, of course, the other package that arrived was the 2D Zoo fabric for the baby’s room.  What’s crazy is that it matches Porter’s walls PERFECTLY.  The lighter mocha brown on the bottom part of his wall even looks nice with it (even though the brown in the fabric is really deep and rich).  The cushions on the glider match the medium denim-colored blue to a T.  Its perfect.  Perfect.  I can’t wait to get his blanket made!




  1. Hey that’s great Nicole…..now can you please HELP me in my bedding/nursery/little boys room situation. I’m at a lose, still completely confused about the baby nursery, my mind has gone blank, at this point he’ll probably just end up with white walls and a crib (if he’s lucky)…LOL!???

  2. I love the bedding! And I can totally relate to obsessing about it . . . over, and over, and over again. So far I am finding that I can relate to a lot of the things I am reading in your archives, so I will definitely be back!

  3. love the pattern. i saw you called yesterday. i forgot my phone in the am and didn’t get home until 6. i was in bed by 7!!!! i was soo tired and had a slight headache! talk to you today sometime.

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