New Blogger Alert!

This one is sure to be a funny read.  If you like Zoe’s stories, I think you’ll love Carrie’s blog.  After our girls night out last week, I convinced her to get a blog. She was CRACKING us up with her stories about her kids.  I chose her blog address: after one of her stories.  Her 4 year old was mad at her about putting on pants and after Carrie told her she needed to be more respectful to her parents Emma yelled at her "I wish you were bald!"  like it was the worst thing in the world LOL!  (of course, Carrie’s in-person version of the story was MUCH funnier, but you get the drift…).

Anyhow, Carrie’s already up and at em with blogging and has a few posts already.  Check her out here:  Life is like a box of chocolates

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