Big bed.

I snuck in during his nap to take a few pictures of P’s first nap in his big boy bed. (no, his room isn’t really that bright… I used my flash)

Please don’t mind the nasty carpet (we’re replacing it soon) and the dirty garage sale bedrail.

Bedtime went off without a hitch. He went to sleep a little late (7:45) and I went in at 8:45 to check on him because he went to bed SO good. Well, I walked over to his bed (where he was laying so still and I thought he was sleeping) and the stink was just laying there, turned and looked at me. Oops!

And, good news… we’re getting bunk beds. My mom found these bunk beds at Value City and she ordered them for us. I don’t love them as much as the other two sets I found, but for a near $200 price difference I’ll make do. So, we’ll go pick them up sometime next week! For now I’m not sure if we’ll put up the bunks (our rooms are so tiny in this house… 9.5×11)… I was thinking we’d store the top bunk until we moved- if we ever move in this lifetime. But… maybe putting them up wouldn’t be so bad. Hmmm… (I just know if I have Ry put them together and I think they look too big… he’ll say “Too bad!” and not take the top bunk down.)

Those of you who have seen my house… what do you think? Should we hold off on putting up the top bunk? Its not like P will be using it anytime soon.

  1. Hmm… I don’t know what I would do. I think I might lean toward leaving it off for now. If you get his room all put together and finished and you still feel like you have room for the top bed and want that look, or that it’s “missing something” then go for it. I would be afraid it might all feel too big in there right now. I don’t know that it would, but it seems easier to decide you want it and put it together later, than to do it now and decide it’s too much.

  2. I’d leave it off. He’s not going to need it for a while, and it’ll help the room feel bigger. We have the Arts and Crafts line in our living room, and I looooove it…it’s that same finish, and it is amazing!!!

  3. Great job Porter! I’d say leave it off for now. Especially if you plan to move. Not worth it. He may think it’s a thing to play with during naps. Probably not a good idea when he’s just starting this transition.

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