Last night was so so productive. During Porter’s nap I began organizing my office. And by organizing I mean more than just straightening up. I went through cabinets and drawers and dusted and purged and cleaned and reorganized. I spent an hour during naptime and then once Ryan got home I headed back to the pit for another hour before dinner, and then spent 4 hours after Porter went to bed cleaning the office. It was a mess, I tell ya! Don’t believe me?

I also finished up Porter’s birthday invitations and got the envelopes addressed and ready to send out. Ryan had the easy job of applying stamps to the envelopes as he watched tv. More productivity!

I finished a few loads of laundry. Fun. NOT.

I spraypainted Porter’s lamp in his room. I need to take pictures still! I will do that after naptime.

Today, Porter was such a crank. He was up all night, almost every hour. I have no idea what his problem is. A few nights ago, we gave him Benadryl. For the two evenings that we gave that to him, he slept through the night. I hate to think that my only option right now is to drug him to get him to sleep through the night!

Back to this morning… he was super cranky, clingy and tantrumy. I tried to involve him in helping me take out the garbage, get a new bag for the garbage can, coloring with him and playing trucks. Finally I busted out the Mega PlayLand. This sucker is a life saver, I swear. I think every parent kid needs one of these. He loves playing in the ball part of the tent and he loves for me to cover him all up with the balls. It occupies him for a good hour or two. He even takes his trucks through the tunnels and into the balls, and today he made a bed in there.

The best part about the PlayLand? It folds up SO small. It fits right in a little nook in his closet. It goes from this to this:

Since I’m on the topic of kid stuff that makes life easier, I posted on the baby’s blog about some baby gear that I’d like opinions/thoughts on from those of you who have used those products. Its just a few things that we’re thinking of getting for Baby #2, thinking they might be helpful in the duo kid world.

  1. Ok, so there are before pictures, what about after? Surely you made progress :)I agree w/ Jessica, there is something about the pg hormones that can really jumpstart the cleaning streaks!

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