Just some quick P-man funnies he’s said lately:

  • He calls me “Honey”. It sounds a lot like “huuunneeeeeey!” and is oh so precious. I was in the office yesterday evening and the pizza came for dinner. Ry called down to me to let me know it was here, and right behind him comes Porter. He’s at the top of the stairs and says “Huuuunnnneeeey! Hey Huuuuunnnneey! Pizza here!” Melt my heart. He can call me honey any day, that sweet little kid.

    And then last night he woke up frantic and paniced, so I let him go lay with Ryan until I went to bed. When I walked in our bedroom to put on my pj’s and scoop P up to put back in his own bed, Porter sat up and says, in the darkness, in his groggy sleepy voice, “Hi Honey”

  • Ryan told me this story tonight. When he picked Porter up at LeeAnn’s, they were walking out to the car and saw two guys next door shoveling their driveway. Porter yells over “Hey guys!” and then he says “Hi. From Porter” and then a little quieter, looks at Ryan and says “Hi. From Porter.” Where does he get this stuff?
  • We went grocery shopping tonight. 2 freaking hours of…. madness. I hate grocery shopping. Anyhow, Porter was entertaining. He’d see someone interesting and say “Hey little guy, come back here!” or “Hey man (remember… everyone is a man), get cart back here!” Bossy bossy! LOL
  • The other day I took him to the Toy House to browse around and play with toys. He was so good, so I let him pick out a little rubber animal from their bins. He picked out a small, green snake which he calls “No Feet” of course. In the car, on the way to Toys R Us (yeah, day of toy stores), he was saying ‘Hi No Feet, I’m Porter! Hi No Feet, I’m Porter!”
  • OH! Speaking of No Feet. He keeps putting the snake in his mouth. Ryan warned him last night that he’d take him away if he did it again. Well, he got No Feet taken away. Ryan tossed him to me and I snuck him under the chair behind me. Porter came over and said “I get my No Feet back” and went looking in my hands for him. I told him “Baby Brother has No Feet” Porter lifts up my shirt and says “Baby Brudder! My No Feet! My No Feet back!” and kept pinching at my belly button . Then he’d hold his hand out, kind of hovering flat over my belly and say “Uhhhh! Get out No Feet!” It was hilarious.****

    Today he lifted up my shirt and said “My No Feet Back.” I forgot he could have him back (he gets his toys back the next day if he gets something taken away), so I ran to the living room and snuck No Feet under my shirt. I told him that Baby Brother was going to give him back and he lifted my shirt and was so excited. He said “Thank you Baby Brudder!”

  • Yesterday on the way home from LeeAnns, I asked him if he had fun with Lukas. He said “Have fun with LeeAnn” I asked what he and LeeAnn did and he says “LeeAnn put Rocky in dryer. Rocky hot.” (Rocky got dirty so she spot cleaned him and dried him). It just sounded so…. grown up… that he actually said “LeeAnn put Rocky in dryer.” instead of “Rocky dryer” or something like that.
  • He’s been into this “Want my mommy” phase. Or “Want my daddy” Its so neat to hear his sentences evolve.

****ETA: We don’t normally tell him baby brother took his toys when he gets them taken away. Normally, they go on top of the tv so he can see them and know that he can’t play with them. So mean, huh? Anyhow, the “Baby brother taking No Feet” thing is not something we normally do, or even pretend is part of Porter’s punishment. We obviously don’t want Porter thinking that Baby Brother takes his toys. At least not yet HAHA!

  1. Haha! Doesn’t LeeAnn have a dog named Rocky?? I was thinking ‘she did NOT put Rocky in the dryer’… I seriously thought you were saying she put the dog in the dryer before it registered that that is P’s dinosaur, haha!!

  2. How old is he? Those are all so cute. My favorite is “Hi. from Porter”. How is the bracelet thing going for you? I have successfully reached day 4, but I had to catch myself a few times before things just flew out of my mouth!

  3. Funny. Well, maybe not for the baby. It’ll be hilarious if you come home from the hospital with the new baby and find that Porter’s hidden all the toys in the house so his brother can’t ‘take them’ again!! LOL!!!!

  4. i love all the funny things porter says. i miss when my guys were that age, but i can’t wait for my nephew to start talking. i know he will have a lot to say!

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