Album decision

Not much to write today… I was a slacker all day on the mom front… the tv and Monsters Inc entertained Porter for most of the day. We did manage to play play-doh and have lunch together but he was so whiny and I’m so irritable that I just wanted to be away.

So, I thought instead of griping about my neverending crankiness that I’d write about my album decision. I’ve decided that each of the boys will get a First Year album (consisting of significant layouts and monthly growth/development layouts from their first year) as well as a Birthday Album (consisting of a collage layout from each birthday as well as a page or two or three from each birthday of significant pictures). I ordered two of these albums for Porter and two of these albums for Hudson.

I will be using the 4 or 5 black spine American Crafts Modern Albums that I have for my “yearly” family albums, in which all other layouts will go into in chronological order. I’ll probably need to stock up on more of those as I think each year will end up being split into two albums.

I also have decided to start a Christmas Album. Each Christmas (starting from last year) I do a collage of pictures from Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and any other family get together. So, those will go in the Christmas Album as well as the kids pictures with Santa Clause. Maybe a few others if I feel inclined, but those may just go in the Family Albums.

So… thats the verdict so far. Hopefully I will find that this works out well. I now need to go through P’s first year layouts and sort them into “Family” and “First Year”…. his first year takes up 2.5 albums and I still have a ton of pics I *could* scrap from his first year. My oh my! I’ll just have to be selective as to what goes into his first year album… the monthly layouts and maybe a few from each month. The rest I’ll put into the annual family albums. I guess….

  1. i struggled with this decision too. it doesn’t seem like it should be so hard. plus with 4 i also had to consider cost. they each have an individual album and i will eventually make a family type album…eventually.

  2. Maybe this is why I still haven’t done a first year album for my son! I have so many pictures that I am completely overwhelmed at the thought of trying to organize them all! Good for you, for staying motivated!

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