I do love him!

I was rummaging through old posts from the past year or so and came across a Q&A Post. Lately I’ve felt like all I’ve done is bitch about my husband on my blog… and its true- I have. I probably look like this ungrateful wife who hates the living daylights out of her husband. I’ll be honest- lately I have many days where I feel that way about him but in the end and no matter what, I love him to death- quirks, irritations and all.

Anyhow… here’s proof that I’ve said at least one nice thing about my husband:

If you had to pick one thing, what would be your very favorite thing about your husband? My VERY favorite thing? Hmm…. this is hard! How can I narrow it down? I love that he is a great husband and an amazing father. He, 97% of the time, is so incredibly helpful and involved. I love that about him. I love that we know each other so well… I love our inside jokes, I love that we can laugh together and bicker and argue and we still love each other. I love that he’s a hard worker and he always looks out for his family. He’s honest, loving, kind, stubborn, helpful.

I do have to say he’s been an awesome husband this week while I on the other hand have been lazy and cranky and in a bummer mood. Last night he went to the ice cream place down the road and brought me back a soft serve twist. Tonight he ran to the store to get garlic bread for dinner and came back with vanilla ice cream in my favorite brand. And then he cleaned up dinner while I gave P a bath and then he vacuumed the whole house WITHOUT ME ASKING. I can’t remember the last time that has happened. He’s also put Porter to bed the last 3 nights in a row while I’ve parked it on the couch in a comatose state. Thank you, honey!

  1. Awww . . . very sweet! I think I am like you – I wish my husband got how important the little things are and how much they mean to me . . . putting the kids to bed, running the vacuum, etc. Forget the diamond ring – bring me a Blizzard!

  2. Ummm…you took the words right out of my mouth, don’t know why but I’ve been hating on my hubby lately, about everything, literally!! Surely it’s due to the pregnancy hormones and everything else that goes along with being 33 1/2 weeks preggo. But, I’ve just recently decided that enough is enough and I better stop being SO completely bitchy towards him….it’s not his fault I have to carry the baby for 9 months!! He is a REALLY great guy, I should cut him a little slack. Ugh!! only a few more weeks to go, then it’s ALL over….Oh, but then I might have to deal with the postpardum again…YIKES, poor Don!! LOL!

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