Adios Chicago!

Well, I’m home! We had an AWESOME weekend and I am a bit sad that its over so quickly (although, I am excited to spend time with my little guy tomorrow and its so nice to be back home and see my hubby).

I am really surprised that I didn’t blog more this weekend, but we were out and about most of the days (exploring the city, eating grub food, hanging out and riding the super fun public transportation) and by the time we got home at the end of the day (err… early evening) we were so exhausted and so busy laughing and gabbing and gossiping and playing games that we never really took a break to blog. I will quickly recap that it was so nice to hang out with all of these girlfriends for the weekend and to finally meet Kim. She is just as nice and sweet at I imagined her being (although a bit shorter and quieter than I imagined), and she fit in perfectly and we all got along so well this weekend (you know how you hear those horror stories of girls trips where catfights break out and all that drama… eww). I really look forward to doing this trip again next year.

I am way too tired to recap everything, so like everyone else from the trip has said… I’ll recap tomorrow (hopefully during naptime!) with pictures and more details.

  1. Oh, thank you!! I loved hanging out with all of you! I am so glad I came. I was telling H&K in the car on the way to the airport that I think one thing that’s really hard to judge on a blog is outgoing-ness (well, and height, LOL)… because how do you really tell – based on how much someone writes?!? 🙂 My mom reads your blog too, and I called her to tell her about my trip and she asked what you were like, and I said, well, she’s really nice and funny and she’s not quite as outgoing or ‘take charge’ as I thought she was based on her blog. And my mom was like, interesting… and then I said, and oh and she’s just as short if not shorter than me, and my mom goes ‘REALLY!?!?’ HAHA.It was really so great to meet you – I think I had more of an idea of what you’d be like in my head than the other girls, since I’ve been reading you for what, like three years now… well since you were pregnant with Porter… so it was nice to finally see the ‘real’ you! Thanks so much for doing all of that planning (was that condo GREAT or what?)! I can’t wait to see the ‘professional’ pics of us!!

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