Poll Update

I never updated with my Poll Results from the weekend. I was both pleasantly surprised and pleasantly annoyed with the results.

Surprised that: Ryan did not “visit” his parents at all on Saturday or Sunday and didn’t sucker a meal out of them. He even took Porter grocery shopping Saturday morning. I talked to Porter and Ryan on Saturday morning and Porter told me “I dranked all my orch juice all dawn” (I drank all my orange juice all gone). Sunday they both caught up on some sleep at naptime and Porter was asking “Where my momma go?”

They both survived the weekend (which I had no doubt about) and I came home to a clean house and a bubble bath (although luke warm, thanks to our lovely water heater). My awesome hubby did help me boil pots and pots of water on the stove to keep adding to my bath to keep it warm. Isn’t he sweet? (I think we’ll be in the market soon for a new hot water heater. It can’t even fill up one tub of hot water.)

Annoyed that: My husband said to me “I didn’t go to my parents once this weekend other than after work Friday to pick up Porter. I didn’t even stay for dinner.” (as if I should be supremely proud of him). Well, don’t get too excited. His little “fib” slipped this evening when he mentioned chatting with a co-workers wife at Hunt Club Friday. I said “Hmm… you took Porter to Hunt Club with you?” Then the truth came out. And he dug himself a bigger hole. “I DID go to my parents after work. I just went to Hunt Club after that to hang out with Travis and the guys. But I didn’t even get out of work until 5. Yes, I picked Porter up that night. Uhh….. late. He was already asleep.” Interesting stuff. Glad he was going to mention all that to me.

Now, don’t go thinking I’m one of those wives who doesn’t like their husband to go out with friends. I am so not like that. He’s more than welcome to go hang out with his friends just like I do. He just never takes initiative to plan to do it and I happen to be very pro-active with planning my “me time with the girls”. What annoys me is that he filled me all in on Saturday/Sunday stuff but never mentioned his evening Friday and tried to make it sound like he totally proved me wrong and that he “did it all himself” this weekend when in fact he basically went to his parents after work (late) on Friday for what I’d like to refer to as “supervised parenting time” and then went out with friends until Porter was in bed.

Like I’ve said to a person or two before… I have a hell of a lot more respect for people who are upfront rather than misleading.

Anyhow, so back to the poll. I guess I’d add it up to two visits to his parents 1) his parenting time after work and 2) to pick Porter back up. It looks like 10 of you win!

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