What a great productive and "Springy" weekend…

This weekend has been wonderful…. 60* and sunny! YAY! Could spring possibly be here? I feel like I’ve ended my spring break on a good note. I’m bummed to be going back to work tomorrow. I keep telling myself…. 6 more weeks and I’m home until September with the boys! YAY! (or, maybe not so… I told Ryan we might need to stock up on the tequila and rum this summer HAHA! Ok, seriously, I’m not really a lush… but I do love me some margaritas!).

Saturday Porter and I were on our own for most of the day. The three of us (P, Ry and I) spent some time outside in the morning- raking leaves, playing etc.. and in the afternoon Ry went to a Tigers game with Don and some other guys.

When Porter got up from his nap we took a walk to TJ Freeze (yummy ice cream!) and on the way splashed in a puddle with his new “Trog Boots”. He is in love with these boots and they’ve been the footwear of choice since I brought them home on Thursday. He has been excited to jump in mud puddles since then, and we finally found one on the way to TJ Freeze.

Our evening ended like this, if you recall.

Today… well, today was a whirlwind of a day.

We began our morning “slightly” cleaning the house. Ry helped me around the house a little and then took Porter outside to finish raking up the last bit of last years leaves. I made lunch and we ate on the deck and shortly after that Ry’s parents came over with the girls (who stayed with them this weekend). The kids ran around the yard for awhile and then we got a phone call from the realtor that they wanted to show our house today.

Uh oh. Our house was a PIGSTY… We spent a good 2.5 hours really cleaning and organizing and were quite proud of our little home by the time 4:00 rolled around. I am hoping it stays this clean tomorrow and I’ll take pictures! (and hopefully I can remember where I shoved everything LOL! I’ll probably be finding things in random drawers and cabinets for weeks to come)

We had plans this evening to go to the Huffs for hamburgers on the grill (aka… “cook-out” in Michigan terms, or maybe barbecue for others?? LOL!). We left our clean little home at 4:00 and headed over there to hang out. We had a very relaxing evening, dinner was great and we also had cake (that I made) and ice cream for desert. Katie told me she has NEVER made a cake before! Isn’t that crazy?

The boys (both big and little) played outside before dinner and then after dinner we all hung out in the driveway and played a little baseball, pulled the little boys around in the sled, laughed as P and D ran up and down the hill by the driveway and were just being plain crazy little boys.

(Hey honey… I told you I was going to post this! See.. you should have just stood by Don and let me take a picture, right? LOL! ) This is the gesture I get anytime I aim the camera at Ryan….
Porter had a little trouble staying out of time outs…. here are three of them.
Don’t let his stance fool you… the poor kid has no idea how to play baseball. He preferred to gallop around like a horse, swinging the bat randomly and letting it fly loose.
Little D, however, whacked the ball quite a few times! I think maybe my hubby needs to get working on the sports skills with little P-man…
Who says sleds are for winter?

  1. The boots are great! Did you get those from Target? I wanted to get some for Grace but I think it will be a while before she is stomping in mud puddles.Looks like a fun weekend! We finally have some sun around here!

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