Wednesday Random…

  • I am sick to my stomach at gas prices. $3.70/gallon here. When is it going to stop?? The superintendent at our school always sends these “Happy Monday” emails around. I thought this one was pretty funny. “If Gas Prices Continue to Rise”…. and here are a few images from it:
  • My sciatic nerve is killing me. To the point where I’d like to chop off my leg, please. It always seems to act up while I’m walking down the hall at school… conveniently when someone turns the corner or is behind me. And there I stand… errr hunch… in piercing pain looking like I’m in labor. This morning I was pondering work. “Oh I should just stay at work an extra week… to the 15th. Its not that big of a deal” Because, really, once Wednesday rolls around I just think to myself… tomorrow is the last day of the week then a 3 day weekend! But… then this afternoon hit and my leg/hip/butt is so sore from “contracting” from the piercing electric nerve pain that I’m ready to throw the towel in now and sit on my ass for the next 4 weeks.
  • I had a weird dream about Katie and these shirts she told me about at Kohls. I dreamt I went to buy a couple to last me the next few weeks… and I got to the rack she told me about and they were like old lady mumu shirts, silky with roses and big, gaudy flowers. And three buttons at the neck, surrounded by lace. But I thought to myself… “Well, I guess if Katie said they looked good on then they probably do.” HAHAH!
  • Here are a few pictures from the park yesterday. I realized its been awhile since I shared any of my pictures here. Almost 2 weeks! Yikes. Anyhow… here’s cutie Nathan… who literally stopped in front of me, staring as if to say “uhm… take my picture already.” Now… his mom is a photographer. That is just not normal. Jen about fell over when he did that LOL!

  • Tomorrow is Thursday. Last working day of the week for me. Then its Friday. Which means WEEKEND for me! I can’t wait. We’re going to have a busy weekend…
    • Saturday I’m taking Porter to the Free Spring Matinee to see Veggie Tales while Ryan works.
    • Saturday afternoon Ryan and I are going to a Love and Logic Seminar in town (as long as there is still space… still waiting to hear back from the lady with registration)
    • Sunday I’m going to church. Yes, two weeks in a row. I miss Westwinds.
    • I’d like to squeeze in some garage sale-ing somewhere…. maybe Friday morning? Hmm.
    • I’d also like to drive over to Ann Arbor to the Children’s Orchard to pick up a swing for Hudson. We have a portable one, but not a “full sized” swing. I saw the OceanWonder cradle swing there a few weeks ago for $44. I want that one or the Papasan swing.

  1. Awwww…those are so cute! I love the one of P on the slide and the last B&W one of the two boys. Yeah…and if you think I can get Nathan to stop and look at me long enough for me to take a picture like the one you took…you are so wrong!p.s. I love the post above with P under the bed sleeping. So funny!

  2. Ooo… is it the new Veggie Tales Movie? I wanted to take my kids to that~! WE love Veggie Tales!!! (…the Pirates who Don’t Do Anything…)Love “Love and Logic”! You are so good to go to the classes!BTW…he looks adorable snoozing under his bed! I love little moments like that!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that Friday morning, in Dexter, there is a huge church rummage sale at the Dexter United Methodist Church and I guess most of the stuff is kids stuff! I heard they have tons of great stuff if you get there early. It opens at 8:30 Friday. I know you don’t live out this way, but Dexter is just a few miles further than Chelsea if you are interested! I am definitely checking it out. If you want more details, let me know.

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