I love you…

Porter and I have a little saying that we often do when I leave him somewhere or at bedtime/naptime.

I will say to him “I love you” in which he repeats.
And then I say “I love you more” (he repeats).
I say “I love you the most” (he repeats)
I say “I love you to the moon and back” (he repeats)
“I love you to the bottom of the ocean” (he repeats)

(and I often mix it up and add in silly things like “I love you around the world” or “I love you to heaven”)

Well, tonight at bedtime he was having a rough time going to bed. Every once in awhile he gets way overtired and just melts down about e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Tonight he cried and cried and I finally went in to see what the hell the problem was. I told him I’d lay down with him for awhile. He asked for Rocky and we searched his bed for him. No Rocky. I turned on the light and Porter looked at me, his lip began to quiver and it stuck out like 3 inches from his face, tears began to stream down his face and he mumbled “My Rocky in my bag. At….. Niiiiiiinaaaaa’s hoooouuuuuse!” (insert pathetic, dramatic bawling here).

Rocky was, indeed, in his bag but he was here at our house. Ryan retrieved him and Porter was so happy. We both laid down all tucked in and I whispered to him….

“I love you”
Porter whispered back “Love you more”
I said “I love you most”
Porter whispered “Love you the moon and back”

Oh melt my freaking heart. He didn’t repeat me… but continued on our little “I love you” ritual.

So darn sweet.

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