Update on the house offer….

They’ve countered again. Basically, without giving you all the inside scoop on all our exact numbers and details… their offer leaves us about $2200 short of paying off our mortgage. Our realtor has pretty much said that we probably won’t see an offer this “good” (isn’t that ironic and terrible at the same time) in the next few years and if we are gung ho on moving, we should take it and eat the cost. (but, she also said she doesn’t want us to think she’s pushing us, and if we’re ok staying where we’re at for a few more years then we shouldn’t take the offer… but with the market being so bad she’s surprised we even HAVE an offer on the table).

So… we’re trying to figure out where we’ll come up with the money and if it’ll be worth it. Basically, we’re nervous that if we turn it down and stay that our neighborhood will continue to deteriorate and we’ll get even less out of our house in a few years. Already we’ve had ghett0-billies move across the road, the other house across the road has been abandoned for months, an elderly couple moved in next door (to a “fixer upper” in which I know will never get fixed up) and the two houses behind us… one is dilapidated and the other is sitting empty, for sale.

I guess it almost makes sense to eat the loss on the house and move on. More than likely we’ll move into my mom’s house for a few months to a) save some money and pay off some bills and b) to give us time to really find the right house and not rush into buying something that we won’t be happy with in the long run. However… Ugh. I hate the thought of moving back in with a parent (no offense, mom!). Its just hard to be on your own for the past 8 years and then go back to living with a parent. That and having all of our stuff packed away as there won’t be room for all our stuff there. GAH!

Anyhow… that’s the update. I’m super stressed. I can tell Hudson can tell… he’s been moving and going crazy since this afternoon. Watch me go into labor early from all this. I’m not sure if that’d be a bad thing or good… I’m almost hoping Hudson could stay put for oh… say a few more months? HAHA!

  1. Wow… you guys have quite the decision ahead of you, and I can’t say I am the least bit envious! Good luck with it all… I’m anxious to know what you guys will decide (as I am sure you are too!!)

  2. One of my good friends is eating a $120,000 deficit from the sale of her home to her mortgage. Isn’t that enough to make you puke? I say take your $2,000 loss! My house is now only worth what I paid for it 7 years ago

  3. Cass is right. And, what our Realtor mentioned is that you may not be making as much in selling your house but you will make up for it with buying your new house in this market. Although, good luck in whatever you decide. I hope that everything works out so that you can finally get the house that you want!

  4. Ooooh, I’ll say just go for it.DEAL OR NO DEAL? Just take it…. A 2K loss sucks but, it’ll be worth it if the neighborhood is not doing its best.Good luck! I wish you the best!!

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