“LABELS! They need to be LABELED!” she screams

I’m having extreme anxiety thinking about the prospect of moving. Not just moving… but moving in the midst of having a baby as well as moving into someone else’s house and not being able to have all of our stuff unpacked. Essentially… moving and living out of boxes.

I’m a control freak. I am terrified I’ll have this baby and be in the hospital during the time we need to be packing. No. NO. NO. I NEED to be in charge of the packing. I tossed and turned all morning, (I woke up early) with anxious thoughts running through my head about how I can best organize all of our stuff.

I kept thinking… “Ok, we pack up three types of boxes. One type for storage… color code it…. say, blue and label it with the room its from as well as what stuff is in the box. One type box for garage sale… no color coding, but it needs to go to my mom’s and be stuffed in a garage near our other garage sale stuff (her neighborhood has a large sale every summer). One type for stuff we need and that will go to my mom’s… color code it orange. Label it with its contents as well as room.”

And I’m picturing me going into labor just as we begin packing up my house. And I picture me freaking out and yelling at anyone and everyone for not labeling my boxes or putting the color coded tape on the top. And I picture me spazzing out that I’m going to not know where, say… my box with my sewing stuff is (because I’m going to have tons of time to sew, right? HAHA!).

This whole moving thing is stressing me out. I guess I shouldn’t… because we still have some contingencies that might keep things from happening (the lady backs out of the offer, or our house doesn’t appraise, or something comes back bad on the inspections).

But, see… as of now, we already have our crap stored in three different places as it is. Our house is small and we have very very little storage. So, we have some things stored at Ry’s dad’s barber shop in the apartment upstairs. And we have some things (mostly baby things) stored at my grandma’s in her basement, and we have a few things at my mom’s somewhere… mostly garage sale stuff for this summer. I have no idea what is where…. it took us three trips to these places to find our infant carseat. I thought we were going to have to buy a new one! So… the thought of ALL of our stuff being kept… who knows where (we’ll probably have to rent a storage thingy to keep our furniture and the boxes of things we don’t need for a few months) just freaks me out. What if something IMPORTANT gets put in one of the “Storage Labeled Blue Boxes”? What if something gets lost? What if… what if… what if….??

So, I keep thinking… maybe Hudson needs to come soon. That way I can get home and attempt to get back to “normal life” and be here when we have to start packing the house up. But then I think… maybe he should just hang out longer, like at least my due date or later and that way the inspections and appraisals will be out of the way and we’ll know for sure if we’re moving or not, and I can pack up this house and color code and label before he gets here.

Of course, nothing is going to work out the way it should… that’s how it always goes. I’m sure something will go haywire with our offer, or the appraisal or the inspection. And if all goes well with that I’m sure I’ll end up in labor in the hospital when we need to be closing and packing and moving…..

I need to stop thinking about this.

  1. OMG!!! I am cracking up because I SO know where you are coming from on this. I am in the process of packing to move right now. Not only all the organizing and all that you are talking about is freaky but on top of that, I can hardly even figure out WHERE.TO.START. I know it’s easier said than done, but just take a deep breath and just relax… it always gets done somehow, and it’s not the end of the world if it’s not “perfect” 🙂

  2. I seriously could have written the dialouge myself! 🙂 I am a freak show when it comes to moving…you are a brave soul to be tackling this now…GOOD LUCK.

  3. Good grief girl, take a breath!It really won’t be that bad. I’ve been through it before, (okay, not with a newborn and a toddler, but with a 7 month old)(and also moved across the country with a toddler and an infant and being lost without our stuff for two weeks, and even when it got there I had no idea where anything was because I PACKED NOTHING MYSELF!! -that stressed me out!) and you will survive!We lived with 80% of our stuff in storage for over a year. You make do. Even things you think you need, you can make do without. And it’s not like you can’t get to the things you’ve packed away for storage… sure it might be a hassle, but you’ll still have your stuff. You can’t take everything with you and you can’t possibly know every single thing you might need in the months you are living like that. Just relax, pack up the stuff you don’t use regularly, and condense as much as you can. I put away so much stuff, and just had to do without for awhile. Most of my scrapbooking and craft stuff was packed away. Most of my photo albums, unless I was adding to them currently. Things like cards and my wrapping paper stash… I just put it away and bought a little new here and there when we needed it. Really all we had with us was clothes, a few books, our movies and games and some office stuff. The rest was in storage and if I came across something I HAD to find, I went spelunking in my storage unit. That was one good thing; instead of having stuff at my mom’s and at his mom’s we decided to just put it all together at one site. It was worth a hundred dollars a month to rent space to have it all in one spot and not have to figure out what is where. Maybe that’s something you could do if you see yourself being at your mom’s for awhile. Of course, that doesn’t have to be done before you move… that can be done as a process. Just take it easy. Get the house stuff out of the way, and then pack it up; storage or not. And call me when you need to vent or take a break. Wish I were there to help!!You did decide to take all of May off, right?! haha!

  4. Oh Nicole! I can see exactly what you are going through. Except for throwing being pregnant, having a baby and a two year old in the mix. Don’t worry everything will work out! Even if you have to let others pack up your house.What has made things easier for us is that we rented a storage shed a month prior to listing our house. We cleaned out all of our closets, garage, garden shed, cupboards and storage under our stairs. We took everything that we knew that we wouldn’t be using between now and September in a storage shed. This way it helps us out with moving day and also made our house look much more spacious to a potential buyer. Good Luck! I like your label system though. I wish that I would have done something like that. I just wrote on each box which room and then labeled what was inside. Colored labels would make it easier.

  5. Use your “nesting” time to pack, if you go through one:)We were living with E’s parents when I had baby #2. It just works out.. somedays you get ticked because you can’t find what you want. Then you stomp and scream and cuss…. and move on:) And, mostly people will be glad to help cuz you’ll have a brand new little guy.This would be a good time to practice your breathing techniques?!?! haha… Good luck!

  6. Hopefully you’ll be into your nesting mode here shortly and then you’ll have all this energy to pack things up. you might even want to make a numbered list and just put numbers on your boxes, but then on the list, list off whats in there. I think color taping them is a good idea as well, to keep things separated to where you want it to go. Let me know if I can help in any way, help you pack or even watch Porter.

  7. I love that you are as anal about stuff as I am. It makes feel like I am not such a freak- LOL. I totally feel for ya, you will get through it though.

  8. omgosh…how stressful! I keep thinking about that ADORABLE room that you decorated for Hudson! awww…i hope he at least gets to see it!! 🙂 good luck…i will keep my fingers crossed for you!

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