Flashback Photos!

So, how do you play? In the comments, match up the letter and number of the photos that you think are the same bloggers. I have linked to everyone’s blogs at the end of this post. Have fun!

Who are these girls? Want links to their blogs?

1. Mandi Haney
2. Me!
3. Danette Schellhous
4. Jenny Cook
5. Carrie Cole
6. Tracy Olson
7. Kasey Laughlin
8. Leslie Collins
9. Cass Comerford

  1. Okay, Nicole, I just read WAY back, and we have been living somewhat parallel lives with the moving/looking for a house stress. I really hope it all works out perfectly for you! Good luck! (I know you are g)

  2. 1. Mandi Haney – a2. Nicole – g3. Danette Schellhous – h4. Jenny Cook – c5. Carrie Cole – b6. Tracy Olson – i7. Kasey Laughlin – f8. Leslie Collins – d9. Cass Comerford – ei was having trouble with 3 and 6! we were all smokin’ nback in the day!

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