8am: Day 2 of being a Mom of 2 Kids…

I’m just sitting here blogging… waiting for them to bring Hudson back from his baby check. And waiting for breakfast.

We had a decent sleep last night. The nurses took Hudson from about 10pm to 3:30am and Ryan and I both got some good sleep. I had them bring him back at 3:30 and I snuggled/half slept with him for awhile and then tucked him into his little cradle thing and we both slept until nearly 7am when they came to take him for his baby check.

I’m still feeling pretty good… I want to take a shower, and I think I’ll attempt that after breakfast. My upper back/neck hurts a tad like the beginnings of a headache/migraine (shit)… but I’m hoping that its just from the way I slept last night and maybe after getting up and moving around and taking a warm shower I’ll feel better.

I’m surprisingly keeping up on blogs… insane, yeah. I was just sitting here and I love that we have wifi here in the hospital because, honestly, what else is there to do in a hospital room with a newborn who pretty much just sleeps?

To update on Hudson: he isn’t taking his bottle as well as I thought he would. They want him eating every 4 hours, but by 8pm last night he’d only had a whole half an ounce. They did get him to eat about 30mL around 3am I think. He doesn’t seem to have figured out the suck/swallow deal yet, but he’s getting better. I haven’t had a chance to feed him this morning (he’s with the nurses, remember?) so hopefully once he is back he’ll eat for me. Unless they’ve fed him.

I think Ryan is going to go get Porter today and let him hang out with us at the hospital and then take him home to put him down for a nap. I’m hoping they’ll let us go home this evening, but not sure… when I had Porter (which was a Tuesday at 5:30pm) they kept us until Thursday morning.

  1. Im glad things are going so well. hopefully you wont get a headache!!! Keep on updating!! You’re doing really good at it!! 🙂

  2. my son took a while to learn to suck too! he’ll get it 🙂 fun to read your updates. hope the shower feels nice and you don’t get a migrane.

  3. I am so jealous that you are blogging while in the hospital! I never got that sweet luxury! I definetely have to have another kid to experience the new way of life! :O)I cant wait to see more pics of him! Congrats again!

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