Hot Cold Hot Cold Hot Cold

First off, I should say that the weekend has been pretty darn easy at night. I’m completely impressed with Hudson’s sleeping habits thus far. Typically, we’ve gone to bed around 11/midnight (my norm) and Ry does the 1:00am-ish feeding. I then usually hear Hudson grunting (I’ve heard him cry to be fed… once…) in his bed around 4:45/5amish and I get up to feed him then. Ry then does the typical 7:30am feeding and I’m up around that time as well. So far, the nights haven’t been too bad! He’s been sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches since he came home.

I’ll also add that Saturday my milk came in I’ve spent the weekend in pain with boobs that are SERIOUSLY each larger than my head. If it wasn’t considered raunchy, I’d totally take a picture of these boobs and post them because you would NOT believe it. My upper back is killing me from the strain and I can’t even hold Hudson close to me because they’re so huge- I have to hold him on my lap. Saturday night was terrible. I could lay in one position… on my back… as sleeping on my stomach was obviously out of the question as was my side. However, I was a little afraid these jugs were going to suffocate me in the night by sleeping on my back. I survived, though.

Last night, however, I swear, my body turned schizophrenic. I was up more times than Hudson was. I took a bath and was in tears trying to put a bra back on. My armpits are even swollen and I can barely lift my arms. I was just so sick of my stitches hurting and now my boobs are engorged and my back hurts and I am constantly on the verge of a headache from it despite popping Motrin 600’s every few hours. I watched some Law and Order SVU with Ryan and then called it a night.

I woke up around 1am roasting. Ry said the heat was off, and he turned up the fan in our room and I went back to sleep.

I woke up a little later with the shakes I was so cold. I was shivering and chattering and I called Ry (he was sleeping on the couch) and he came in and checked my temp and said I wasn’t feverish, so he covered me with an extra blanket. I was up for an hour just shivering, and finally got up to put on long pants, big socks and put my robe on to sleep in. I was FREEZING even though our house was 72* inside.

Then just a few hours later I was roasting again… nearly sweating. I took off my robe and socks and went back to bed. I woke up this morning covered in sweat. Disgusting!

What the hell is up with my body? Please tell me this is normal…

  1. Ah… the dreaded milk please go away days. That was horrible. I do remember that being so traumatic. More so than delivery itself for me!! HA!I hope you’re able to be more comfortable soon!!

  2. That hot/cold thing happened to me too, I think it’s your body sweating out the extra fluid. Check your boobs to make sure you don’t have any hard lumps though cause it could also be a boob infection.I have to say the cabbage actually helped me in regards to drying up! Get a head of a cabbage, put it in the fridge until it’s cold. Then rip off a couple leaves without big spines, scrunch them in your hands and stick them in a sport bra. There is something in cabbage that helps dry up milk. Leave them in until they wilt. Kind of stinks like cole slaw after a while though, I wouldn’t plan on going out while doing it!!Also, take warm showers to let a bit of milk out, letting a bit out won’t increase your production and take Motrin or something like that.I’m finally not having to pump to get comfortable – I still have milk but it’s going thank the lord. I totally feel your pain with the big boobs – my back feels MUCH better not that I’m not engorged, hang in there!!

  3. Like Kim said, makes sure you keep checking for lumps and a fever because you don’t want to get an infection. I think when you do, it feels like the flu. I hope you get some relief soon!

  4. Yes, the hot/cold thing is totally normal…it sucks though! And for me it seemed like it lasted awhile last time, I really hated it and the engorged boobs. I swear that was something I never knew about and no one mentioned, when I had my first I didn’t know what was going on!! It really does seem worse than labor and it just lasts and lasts. Cabbage leaves with the big spines broken will help, but Kim is right when they wilt it smells like cole slaw and oh so fun to peel off 🙂 Hopefully things will clear up for you soon! I couldn’t imagine having boobs THAT big and knowing how pain they already get!! Good luck!

  5. I think the hot/cold thing is normal. I went through a little after Gavin. I second the cabbage leaves – they helped a ton.

  6. Ok, so I never went through this stage…. only trying to wean at age 1. Bawhahahah…. anyway.. what helped me dry-up was anything that made me dehydrated. Coffee, alcohol, Benadryl, etc. Crap, you are probably dried up/close to already. I’ll quit rambling on! I hope you are feeling better!!

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