Going Batty

Last night we had a bat in the house. Well, I think he’s still here… somewhere. ICK. Ryan and I were going to bed around midnight and he yelled from the kitchen. I ran out there and glanced into the living room (which has really high, vaulted ceilings) and saw a bat swooping and dipping and flying back and forth. UGHGHGHG. He landed somewhere and we weren’t able to find him. I was creeped out all night and barely slept.

I woke up and got in the shower and the boys and I headed into town (which now takes me 30 minutes to get to Target… ewww!). I was planning on crashing in on maybe LeeAnn or my grandma and hanging out in town all day to get away from the Bat House, but I decided to just go home and suck it up. So far, I haven’t seen him. Or ran across him. I’m totally freaking out that I’ll pick something up and a bat will be hanging from a pillow or something. EWW.

Ryan and my mom (who was gone last night… stayed at Brian’s house) keep saying “Oh, he won’t come out during the day. They’re nocturnal.” Yeah… easy for you to say because *I’m* the one who will be here alone when it turns night! Ry has class again tonight so he won’t be home until about 10pm, and I think my mom is going back to Brians. I’m going to die if that bat starts flying around. I’ll be heading to a hotel.

I hope maybe he flew up the chimney and is gone. Or upstairs in the attic area. As long as he doesn’t pop up somewhere and scare the crap out of me, I’m fine. But… ughghgh. The thought of a creepy, hairy, bug eyed bat. *shudder*

  1. I too have a bat story when Grace was a newborn. It was in the nursery hanging upside down from the window vallace until it started swooping around the room and scared the sh** out of us. Adam screamed and hit the deck like a little girl- hahaha.

  2. hahaha – i would be a freak if i had a bat in my house – for sure!my hubby and his family used to get a bat every once in a while in their upper level and they would go around with a fishing net trying to get it. EEEEWWWWEE!

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