Feels like Home

When Ryan and I got married, our “first song” was by Chantal Kreviazuk- “Feels Like Home”. Well, I reminisced hearing that song today as we made way with some projects at our “new house.” I am just so in love with it and, even though I thoroughly expected the house to feel a little foreign for awhile, it already feels like home to me.

We still have about 2-3 more weeks until it is officially ours, but we have been granted access to finish a few stipulations (aka… projects/work) that the appraiser wants fixed before they will give us a loan for the house. We have to put a railing up around the balcony off the apartment, finish the mudroom (which consists of finishing drywall and flooring) and either finishing the stairwell to the apartment (drywall and flooring) or putting up a door at the top of the stairwell (which would involve building up the half wall to the vaulted ceiling). So… lots of projects and not a lot of time to get things done before we are “supposed” to close on July 7th. I think we’re submitting an extension on that tomorrow, though.

I had a session this afternoon (which, if you’re reading this Nicole- you’re either going to love me for all the great pictures I got of Luke or hate me because you’re going to have a hard time choosing!!), and after my session I dropped the boys off at my grandmas and spent the evening with Ryan at “our house.” Even though technically we probably shouldn’t be doing anything that strays from the appraisers to-do list, I went ahead and started spackling nail holes in the bedrooms and living room and I went to town trimming the bushes and raking out the landscaping. I took off about 2 feet off the bushes (they were THAT overgrown, and could probably still use another foot taken off) and I do have to say they look so much better. We met one of our neighbors and he seems really nice.

I must have told Ryan a zillion times tonight how excited I am to move into the house. My mind is just swirling with ideas for decorating and I can not wait to be unleashed on that house with cleaning products and paint! It feels like a complete dream that this house is so close to being ours. This house that is so perfect for our family. I honestly can’t believe that this is seriously happening- that we have found such a perfect home for us at an affordable price and it has so much potential for us to make it our home. I keep thanking God that things are going so great right now, and praying that something doesn’t come up and get in the way of everything being finalized.

It is home to us already, whether or not the title and keys are ours yet. It just feels like home.

  1. aawww! how exciting – even though you have work ahead of you, what an awesome feeling to be moving into the house of your dreams! have fun and i hope you have those keys in your own pocket soon!

  2. How exciting! Keeping my fingers crossed that everything continues to go smoothly for you. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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